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located in True Cross Academy, Fidel City, a part of Equipoise, one of the many universes on RPG.

True Cross Academy, Fidel City

Home of the Humans


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Ryuu Shosuke

The corners of her lips curled ever so slightly at his act of loneliness although she had an inkling that some of what he said was truthful. They held a weight of someone who had seen and done many things but had no one to really share those experiences with. Red orbs followed Nathaniel's every move, taking note not to be caught off guard like before when he had tried to choke her. While it hadn't been the first time she had been choked it was the first in that sort of situation.

Upon mentioning those orbs of his Nathaniel tensed, something Ryuu was willing to take advantage of if meant he would cooperate. They would have to be of some value, personal or not, for him to behave in such a manner. Suddenly Nathaniel began to speak of Colter. Hearing his words, Ryuu couldn't help but snicker at how wrong he was albeit he was correct on some parts. The red knight glanced over her shoulder at her old mentor, giving him a look that only he would recognize. Now wasn't the time to try and exert your dominance through a steel door. It just made things complicated and somewhat awkward.

With an audible sigh, Ryuu swiveled on her feet to stand in front of the door. "My friend here does indeed work for those of a . . .much higher position than he or I. Regardless of who gives him orders I trust him with my life and vice versa. It's a shame to think that all those years we spent together were meaningless if he still had doubts about my actions. Don't you think Oh Sleeping Exorcist? And while we're on the subject of my friend here he is certainly dominant but he's far too lazy to come in and push you around when I can do it myself." Just as she finished Nathaniel placed his hand on her head and pressed it against his chest. She audibly snarled at the action but paused long enough to hear a soft whisper, or rather a dozen whispers echoing inside the snake eyed man's chest. One could also hear Colter begin to pull his blades out. Thankfully Nathaniel pulled back after whispering those words to her.

To think that his body itself housed all those orbs and Ryuu had little doubt that those orbs were the solidified forms of those souls. His next words were something she expected. "I wouldn't be surprised if he wanted to hold hands with you and skip in a field of daisies." The sarcasm was harsh but it was a small form of retaliation for him grabbing her in such a manner. Again for that matter.

Ryuu did not care for how he circled her. Red orbs followed him as he walked with his hands behind his back. Almost as if he was perfectly comfortable with where he was. Without a moment's haste Ryuu pulled Chomeksu out of her storage place. The blade murmuring its desire for a new kind of blood as it hovered dangerously close to Nathaniel's neck. Of course it was on the blunt side so in the end Ryuu meant no real harm. "The one you should be worried about is little ol me. As I'm sure you know many are watching so I must do my job in this extraction of information."

Suddenly a series of footfalls could be heard coming closer to the steel door. Ryuu glanced at Colter who gave her a frown and a shake of his head, warning her of who was heading their way. In return Ryuu looked back at Nathaniel with glare however she only did so to play her part as the door was thrown open. She didn’t dare break eye contact with the strange creature before her but she did speak up to those that entered. “So what brings you sorry lads to my humble interrogation cell?” addressing the half dozen men in black cloaks. Without even looking at them she could feel the power emanating from them but it wasn’t really them that she felt it from but the weapons they carried. Chomeksu began to hum softly at her fellow kin, causing Ryuu to frown in the same way a mother would when her child does something she disapproves of.

“We’ve come to take Nathaniel Jenova to a separate facility.” Ryuu tilted her head slightly. “On whose orders?” She opening questioned them, making the leader of the group stiffen. “The True Cross wishes so.” The redhead finally looked at them with one of her trademark scowls. “As they wish.” With that being said Ryuu lowered her sword, allowing for it to go back to where it was originally. “Oh before you go.” Ryuu swiveled on her foot and delivered a quick punch to Nathaniel's gut. As he could no doubt double over, the young woman placed her hand on his shoulder and she leaned in close so that he could hear her. “May Night be with you and may it protect you.” Ryuu then pushed him away as the cloaked men led him away.

To them Ryuu’s words were just some form of metaphor and in a sense it was however no one took note of the missing dragon tattoo on her arm. While she had exchanged those words with Nathaniel, she let Night slither onto his arm but he had been reduced to nearly half his size to avoid detection. Currently the Dragon Exorcist’s familiar was resting on the crook Nathaniel’s finger. With him being there Ryuu would be able to locate the man when the time was right. She just hoped the she wouldn’t get to him too late.