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located in True Cross Academy, Fidel City, a part of Equipoise, one of the many universes on RPG.

True Cross Academy, Fidel City

Home of the Humans


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Feint || My Sunset

Nathaniel looked at Ryuu and smiled in great amusement as she looked back to Knight Colter, even chuckling a bit. "I think you have my idea of dominance completely wrong. How crude of you." He tilted his head as he was called 'sleeping exorcist' and mumbled to himself. "No such rest for me, I am afraid." He then straightened his head and bowed his head some. "I only see one side of things, I do not know your friend and only his perception of me. He does not trust me, therefore I do not trust him." Then he pressed Ryuu's head to his chest to make it clear then released her and began to walk around her and smiled at her resort. "Mm.. I think your friend would rather speak for himself on that matter, Ryuu."

As he walked around her, his remaining clothing covering what was necessary but otherwise, it looked like it could fall apart any time soon, but it looked like Nathaniel had no problem with it, after all he-- only hours ago-- woke up in a morgue exposed and having been cut open at one point or another. When the blade was put up to his neck however, he stopped, looking at it before running his finger along it's edge, his blood landing on the blade and most likely making a spark or two.. His blood was unusual, understandably so too since he was not really human at all but he was no demon nor angel at the same time either... He was something... completely different or-- in this case-- forgotten. "Let them watch. My information I bestow to you seems only to raise more questions. We will be here for a long time and while time does not effect me, it very much does for you."

Then he turned his head over to the steel door, his pointed ears twitching behind his silvery hair as he heard the mass of feet coming forth and he looked back to Ryuu. "Company." He noted flatly. He saw her glare, her feelings towards him conflicting to her actions, she was acting... Luckily humans were not gifted with his insight. As soon as the door was slammed open and a dozen of men came in, hooded, robed men. He listened to Ryuu's words, constantly looking back at her and decided to.. play along. "Didn't realize it was a party. Would of dressed more appropriately otherwise." He turned his head to the hooded men in confusion then frowned before looking back at Ryuu as she addressed him.. Then was delivered a blow to his gut that indeed got him to fall onto all fours, having the air knocked out of him, his breathing was a bit wheezy as well as his words. "Well, that woke me up from my slumbering..." Then he listened to Ryuu's words and looked over her form to notice her tattoo was gone. As he was dragged away, he looked confused before he finally started to kick and scream, even hiss like an animal at the men as he was pulled away. Knowing too well that if he were to fight right now, he would expire himself once again and in the company of such men and organisation, not the best thing. He would most likely land himself in a tank, a cell, god knows where... He would prefer to stay whole and conscious for the moment. He even took a good look at Knight Colter at one point before he continued to hiss, snarl, scream and struggle.. Like anyone would when taken against their will.