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|| Location || Kitchen

Seven Nation Army || Melanie Martinez Cover

Jennova smiled at her brother as she placed her fork on her plate and pushed it aside. She placed her hands on the table and changed her expression to more of a business type. "Yes, I've learned my lesson. No I haven't talked to Dad since. I was thinking of making it up to him by ending my relationship with Toby. I know that's one thing he really wants. However I've been with the guy for two years, that's going to be extremely awkward and hard to do." Jenn looked around making sure Toby wasn't anywhere to be seen. She looked back at her brother. "Clearly I've been going about life the wrong way. None of these people will ever have our backs, we can really only count on each other. I know I've been lying to myself thinking that maybe Toby will be on my side, but in all reality I know he won't." Jennova shrugged, her heart ached at the thought of leaving him, but family comes first. If her father really did have some crazy plan to be in control she would need to close any unnecessary ties.


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|| Location || Kitchen

The Hills || The Weekend

Adrian smiled at Alex as she spoke, he wasn't one for making friendly conversations out of no where but he thought he'd try it out. As Daniel left, Adrian cocked his eyebrow as the man left the two. He wondered if Adrian wasn't allowed to talk to Alex or something. "Sorry for upsetting your lover. Wasn't aware I couldn't speak to you." He joked with Alex, after a while of silence she left, probably to go after Daniel. Adrian pursed his lips before he thought of the training arena. He should probably find someone to pair up with. Adrian checked his pockets and realized he had forgotten his cabin keys in the kitchen. "Damnit... I'm always forgetting something." He muttered under his breath as he started to head back to the kitchen, as he headed back he remembered that he forgot to wash the dishes. Great.. He thought to himself as he reached for the door handle to the back kitchen. He instantly smelled something sweet, and looked to find a blonde woman preparing something and the son of Aphrodite talking to her.

Adrian cocked his head to the side, he didn't know of any blonde women that worked in the kitchen, he pursed his lips as he looked towards the office in the back of the kitchen, of course his keys were still in the door to the office. He walked past the two and grabbed his keys, shoving them in his pockets. Then he turned to the male in the kitchen. "Wesley, is it? I don't mean to be an asshole or anything, but staff only is allowed back here." He smiled at the man and turned to look at the girl. She was beautiful, he couldn't deny that. She was covered in tattoos and for some reason that was kind of a turn on. He glanced at what she was making and laughed to himself. He shook his head as he walked back to the office, just realizing that the four years he has been here this woman was the one leaving all the baked goodies in the kitchen.

Adrian shut the office door behind him and looked at the desk where there was a stack of papers with his name on it. He sighed as he grabbed the papers, noticing there were new requests for recipes to be made this year. He pulled out his phone and started looking for recipes to follow to accept the requests that were given to him.