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Snippet #2638576

located in Moreton, a part of The Blame Game, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Johnny Okimura Character Portrait: Jack Smith
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Night has quickly passed away as dawn fast approaches. Like any other days, today is a really nice and beautiful day in England. The sun was shining, the bird was chirping innocently, the flowers are blooming all over the garden. It has been a fortnight since that shocking incident happened. Some has already forgotten and just get on with their lives, telling themselves that what's happened isn't of their business and that they shouldn't dwell into, but some don't and they're still holding a grudge even til now. Well, for Johnny, he was pretty much in the first group, which was not very surprising.

After rising from his sleep since 30 minutes ago, he's spent the whole half an hour inside his spacious bathroom cleaning every pinch of dust off himself while fixing up his appearance. It took Johnny only 15 minutes to do so but what do you know, his own reflection was captivating enough to held him in front of the mirror for the remaining 15 minutes. Even I would fall for myself if I were someone else... He thought to himself while doing all sorts of poses before finally getting his feet out of the bathroom. And pretty much everyday was the same so there's nothing very surprising though.

Johnny grabbed his schoolbag before headed downstairs to the big dining room, where his beautiful older sister, Azumi, was having her usual morning cup of espresso while reading a magazine with her picture in the front page. His father would have already gone for works by now so they usually didn't meet him in the morning at this time. But it was a little weird that his younger sister, Karen, hasn't turned up. She usually the one to get up the earliest.

"Good morning, Azumi-neesan." Johnny greeted his sister before sitting himself down at the chair on the opposite of Azumi. Seeing that, the butler quickly ordered a maid to bring breakfast for him.

"Morning, Mura-kun." Azumi greeted back while still focusing in the magazine.

"Karen hasn't woken up yet?" He asked.

"No, she went to school earlier, said she has something to do with her friends." The young woman answered calmly, exerting an elegant aura.

"I see." Johnny nodded as the meal then was served in front of him. He began to eat away his food. The two siblings didn't exchange much words with each other, as it's still in the morning and nobody wanted to talk too much, would they?

"Say, I suppose you know the guy named Jack Smith, don't you?" Azumi asked her brother as he looked up from his dish to his sister.

"Yeah, he was someone I'm supposed to acknowledge as 'leader' at school. A really hot gal, and a rather famous model. But he's cocky as hell." Johnny said with a shrug, "But what's of him?"

"Nothing much, I'm going to have a photoshoot with him tonight and you can say that I'm rather curious of my working partner. Since this is my first time working with him after all." She said while taking a sip from her cup, "So, you were saying that he was one of those popular kid in your school, huh? Does he has a habit of flirting around like you too?" Azumi teased lightly.

"D-Don't tease me, neesan." Johnny's face reddened a bit then finished up his breakfast, "Well, he's pretty much putting up himself as a gallant gal but in fact he detest almost anything I could think of, I guess."

"I see. What an interesting boy." Azumi chuckled.

"It's been a while since I last saw you really interested in someone." Johnny shrugged as he stood up from the table, "I'm going to school. Nice day, neesan." He said before making his way to the garage and took his bike out to the gate and rode to Moreton. Seeing him like this one could never have thought he's from a prestigious family, but he just preferred it that way.

Moreton School | 8:00 AM

As soon as he put his bike in the parking lot and making his way through the entrance, some girls were already standing there, calling out to him. Feeling himself a bit too much, Johnny brushed his hand through his hair and do a flip, which caused all them to fangirling even harder. He then walked over to a girl, holding her chin with his hand. He looked into her eye with a rather princely look. And that is enough to make her face as red as a tomato right now.

"You were really beautiful today, sweetheart, just like the shining light of the dawn ~" Johnny said in a very flirtatious way. The girl was shaking while looking as if she's just flew to cloud nine. Letting her girl go, Johnny waved to them one last time as they called his name again, before hastily made his way to his classroom, his face visibly reddened from what he's just done. If he continued like that then one could only guess how flustered he could get.

Finally able to sit himself down at his chair, Johnny let out a sigh of relief. While waiting for the classes to begin, he took out his sketch and began to paint a drawing he hasn't finished yet.