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located in Future Dystopia with Dragons, a part of Drakospeda, one of the many universes on RPG.

Future Dystopia with Dragons

Defended City of Gentan


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Character Portrait: Lilith Character Portrait: Jason Taylor Character Portrait: Elet
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Lilith climbed down a drainage pipe into an alley. Her feet padded softly as she walked to the mouth of the alley. She peered out, seeing a pie stand with a little boy standing by it about half a block away. She could tell by his motions that he had taken his coins back, yet the woman selling the pies gave him a slice. Why was that? She was curious as to what was so special about this boy. Without hesitation, she darted across the street before hiding behind the corner of a building.

She peeked around the corner just as the boy turned to leave, walking down the street with his slice of pie. Lilith wasn't normal one to steal food from children, but today was different. She was rather hungry as she hadn't been able to acquire human food that day. Normally in this situation, she would shift into her dragon form and hunt outside of the city. But each time she had gone near the wall there were soldiers guarding it. She wasn't hungry enough to risk her life flying over the wall, nor did she think she ever would be. However, she was hungry enough to steal this boy's slice of pie.

The pale girl walked quietly to the next block, knowing where the boy would end up after he had gone down the street. She began to run, her small feet hitting the ground lightly. She was very agile due to her size, making it easy for her to escape most danger. Lilith turned down another street, where she saw the boy eating his pie. He looked content, only making her hungrier. She was eager to get her hands on that pie.

Before Elet knew what was happening, Lilith darted by and swiped his pie from him. She continued down the street, so focused on taking the pie that she hadn't realized he was like her-- a dragon. She looked down at it as if it were a prize. However, this distracted her long enough that she did not see the stone in front of her. She tripped on it, dropping the plate. It skidded a few meters away from her. Somehow, the pie had managed to remain on the plate, though it was now at the edge instead of the center.

The poor girl just stared at it, dumbfounded. She had only tripped a few times in her life, so the idea that she could fall down while running still shocked her at the age of 18. Lilith looked down at her hands. They had some small stones in them and her hands had been scraped. A few spots of blood had found their way to the surface of her skin. Fortunately, she was wearing pants and her leg had not been scraped.


Jason sighed as he walked the streets, trying to remember where the grocery store was. It hadn't move all his life, but for some reason he could never recall where it was. Perhaps it was because his mind was preoccupied with more interesting things than the price of apples and oranges whenever he had gone with his mother. He was a 15 year old boy-- he didn't care about grocery shopping.

The teenager frowned as he looked around. He was 90 percent sure that the grocery store was within two blocks of where he was. He recognized the clothing store on the corner across from him. His mother liked to go there and for some reason felt the need to take him with her until he was about 10. Honestly, he wasn't sure why his mother took him to a lot of places. It was just something she did. Except that now when he had the freedom to go somewhere on his own, he needed her help.

"Ok, so I think it's east of here. Or maybe west? Or was it north? It can't be south, I came from that way," he spoke aloud. Jason was hoping that talking to himself might jog his memory, but it only confused him more. He took a deep breath to help him focus. The grocery store couldn't be to the west, because that was the direction of the corner with the clothing store. Down the street were more clothing stores. He definitely didn't want to go that way. That left north and east, though he had no idea which direction. On a whim, he continued walking straight (to the north).