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located in Future Dystopia with Dragons, a part of Drakospeda, one of the many universes on RPG.

Future Dystopia with Dragons

Defended City of Gentan


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Character Portrait: Liam Character Portrait: Lilith Character Portrait: Jason Taylor Character Portrait: Elet Character Portrait: Akhira
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Lilith was surprised by Liam's sudden touch as he noogied her lightly. She could remember the first time he had done so, when he hadn't been as gentle. The poor girl had lost her balance and fallen over afterwards, leading to Liam's gentler treatment of her. Of course, she could probably be knocked over by Elet quite easily as well. It really didn't take that much force to push her over due to her small size.

She noticed Elet's face flush after she had extended the notepad towards him. Perhaps he couldn't read? If so, the own ways to communicate with him were through her actions or through Liam. Both could lead to misinterpretations. Her suspicion was confirmed once Elet introduced himself, apologizing that he couldn't read her note. Lilith was in no way offended, as she understood that not every human could read. She had been fortunate to live in an orphanage which gave the children education.

Elet mentioned that he had no parents, just like the purple haired girl and red haired boy. Both could understand the life he must live, scavenging for food and being chased by humans. It wasn't the best life there was, but it was the one they knew.

The younger boy asked in what manner they acquired food. Lilith was fortunate enough that she could easily get through the walls of the city due to her size. Most of her meals came from outside the city, while hunting in her dragon form. However, telling either of the boys that would likely lead to her death. So instead of admitting she ate most of her meals as the humans' enemy, she looked to Liam to explain. The two had similar lifestyles when it came to getting food-- a preference to stealing over scavenging.

Her light purple eyes, which most humans identified as being colored contacts or a tint of blue, came to rest back on Elet. Having time to take in his features, she noticed his bright green eyes. They were an interesting pairing to his hair. In fact, the colour of his hair was a darker shade of Lilith's own. She couldn't help but wonder if he had been born with coloured hair, or had managed to dye it like humans did sometimes. Had he been born with it, would that mean that he was like her?

The idea was as exciting as it was startling. However, she wouldn't say anything to him (or rather to Liam, since Elet was unable to read) about it. With the way humans thought, one could not just ask another if they were a dragon. If you even mentioned the word, a tone of violence and hatred would crawl into a human's voice. For this reason, she refrained from making contact with those outside of her very limited comfort zone.


The young woman grabbed Jason's arm by his jacket sleeve, leading him to the store. It was a bit odd, but he supposed she was one of those people who didn't like to touch other's skin. He could understand being weary of the germs that lived on other people, and so he thought nothing else of it.

The two made there way to the store, which Jason would not have found this quickly without Akhira's help. She released his sleeve as soon as they arrived at the entrance. Without a smile, she bid him farewell. Again, it was a bit odd but Jason had seen stranger things. After all, he lived in a world where kids as old as him or even younger would smash in a small dragon's head for fun. The though made him frown as he proceeded into the store.

Fortunately for the teen, his mother always organized her grocery list by aisle. Starting in the first aisle, he snaked his way through the store with his cart. He grabbed what he needed, knowing the brands that his mother preferred. Once Jason was physically in the store, he was able to navigate it quite well. He just had trouble getting to it.

After several minutes of collecting the items he needed, he came to the aisle where the canned foods were. Here, he found the same young woman as before. She was looking at the stacks of chicken noodle soup. Jason could tell that she was confused, just as he would be if he didn't know what he was looking for. He pushed his cart forward, ready to offer her his help. Even though he was intimidated by her, he would still assist her in any way he could.

As he walked towards her, he eyes the two blue scales in her hair. They were fascinating to him, coming from a dragon larger than he had ever and probably would ever see. He had only encountered a few small, non-sentient dragons near his home. He couldn't help but be transfixed by them, wondering how big the dragon had been before she killed it.

His thoughts of dragons were forgotten when he heard a small pop. Akhira had managed to crush the can, the broth flowing out of it and onto her hand. It dripped onto the floor. "Curses..." she mumbled.

Jason's fear of her was renewed. She was obviously much stronger than he had expected. He quickly accredited this to her presumed profession. Still, it was intimidating knowing she was stronger than the guys who liked to beat him up. She could likely strangle him right now if she chose to do so. He really hoped she didn't.

"Uh, you're probably going to have to pay for that," he told her, unaware that she knew this from recent experience. His hands went to his pockets, searching for a spare napkin or two that she could use to wipe off her hand. Lucky for her, he had one in his left pocket. Jason held it out to her. "Here, this should get some of the soup off of your hands." He offered a smile, showing that he was sincerely trying to help her out.