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Snippet #2641128

located in Future Dystopia with Dragons, a part of Drakospeda, one of the many universes on RPG.

Future Dystopia with Dragons

Defended City of Gentan


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Character Portrait: Jason Taylor Character Portrait: Akhira
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(OOC: I'm in a bit of rush so I will just say that I'll probably be adding another character, a human one, as I think the dragons outnumber the humans... Not including NPC humans I mean)


Akhira hadn't noticed the human Nestling was beside her until he spoke up, "Uh, you're probably going to have to pay for that." Don't I know it. She wanted to roll her eyes, or yet, blow out smoke her from nose to signify how frustrated she felt at the moment, but she didn't. She restrained her draconic instincts and turned to look him in the eyes, trying hard not to let her stoic mask fall. Something's off about him now...

"Here, this should get some of the soup off of your hands." To her utmost surprise, the human Nestling held out a napkin to her. She couldn't help but stare at him, he's offering me a napkin? W-What? Akhira blinked slowly, finding her mask of indifference to show complete surprise. "Oh! Um, yes, thanks." She shook herself out of her amazement, taking the napkin to wipe her hands as well as any splatters that got onto her clothing.

Despite acting like a total space cadet just recently, Akhira noticed that the 'something different' about him now was that he was afraid. Hmmm. I guess I scared him... Maybe I should offer a lie about my strength, tell him I mean him no harm. Yet, she said nothing of that sort other then uttering another thanks for the napkin. No, it's probably best he be afraid of me anyways.

When she was done wiping off her hands, she finally smelt it. Food, delicious food, she sighed deeply at her foolishness, and I wasted it.

Akhira looked back up at Jason, "I'm sorry, but may I ask you what your name is?"