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Snippet #2641897

located in Monstrum, 666 Devil Road Transylvania, a part of Monstrum's Asylum for Developing Monsters, one of the many universes on RPG.

Monstrum, 666 Devil Road Transylvania



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Character Portrait: Thomas Character Portrait: Shame Eclipse Character Portrait: Brienne Showalter Character Portrait: Gem Kenji Character Portrait: Rook/Valda Sertogas Character Portrait: Sen Jumin
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"Well," Brienne began to answer the sharp-toothed boy's statement, "Getting shrapnel to the shoulder isn't the worst I've ever been hurt. Getting mad about it won't make me un-stabbed either." She had to admit that the throb in her head hadn't lessened, however. "Cooler heads prevail, and all that." Shuffling the rest of the way into Monstrum's office alongside Gem, she attentively paid attention to the headmaster's words. A job? Of all the things she expected, an actual job wasn't it.

Distracted by the thoughts of how best to allocate her resources, the harpy snapped back to reality when Monstrum started trying to balance a folder on her head. What? It slipped off of her hair repeatedly. Then he started adding bird seed to the issue. One bag. Two bags. More. Standing perfectly still, she waited until the obviously crazy man finished balancing the documents on her head.

At least the news of a free period put her a little less on edge. A nap would do her a world of good. With a gentle parting wave (to carefully avoid knocking the precariously balanced and weighted folder off of her head) Brienne scooched out of the room. After the door closed, she held her wings out in front of her like a basket, then tilted her head forward to dump the contents off. Mercifully, none of the papers slid out of the folder. Awkwardly shuffling the folder underneath one of her wings, the harpy negotiated the bird seed into one of her taloned feet. In a display of mind-boggling dexterity, she shifted the folder from one wing to the other, opened her shoulder-slung knapsack, stuffed it inside, then bent her foot back up to scoop up the bird seed and drop it on top of the mess. "I'll drop this stuff off in the council room." Well, after her nap, that was.

Rolling her shoulders back, she shot a strange, winged salute to Gem. Hopping a bit further through the room, she noticed a map... on the wall across from Monstrum's office. It seemed an odd part of the room to place a campus map on, but at this point she didn't care. Cocking her head to the side, much like a curious falcon, she pin-pointed both her location and the location of the dormitory building. Carefully studying the floor-plan of the building, she committed it to memory after half a minute. Walking out into the hallway, she took to wing again, flapping her bloodied and clean wing a few times before doing something she rarely did - used her magic.

Though by itself, the magic wasn't particularly strong or useful, when paired with the harpy's wingbeats, it shot her forward at a speed she couldn't hope to reach normally. She almost felt bad for anyone who might be too close, as the wind-wave from her passage would no doubt muss hair, ruffle feathers, fluff fur, and send papers flying. Practically zooming through the straight halls, then using her wind to bank her turns without losing too much speed, the harpy made her way past rooms and a few confused students.

Along the way, she spotted a vaguely familiar, horned shape. And that boy from the council meeting earlier. As she flew by like a leaf in a storm, she called, "Hi, Sen! Hi, other person!" Whether or not they heard was up for debate, but the flow of her passing was unmistakable. Through her blurred vision, she also spotted the cat-eared boy she'd seen before she skipped sparring class, and some other girl. She would have waved to them as well, but Brienne didn't want to tumble out of the air.

A handful of turns later, she burst out into the main entrance, then out of the school building. Gaining height in a twisting spiral of wind, wings, and flying hair, the harpy took a moment to luxuriate in simply being outside and unconstrained. Pinpointing the dormitory building, she glided down most of the way, then flew just above the ground for the last few yards. Pushing the doors open, she wandered around for a bit before finding her room - 205. Luckily, the door was unlocked. Pulling open the round-handled door proved much harder than the entry doors, but after a few tries she managed it.

Walking in, she noticed someone asleep on the other bed in the room. Shrugging, she plopped her knapsack on the small desk as quietly as possible. Fishing through it for a pencil and some paper, she quickly scribbled out two notes. The handwriting was a bit bad, since she had to write with her foot, but it was definitely legible. Struggling to get the door open again, she moved back into the hall and slipped one under each of the doors to either side of her own room. As soon as she finished, the harpy promptly returned to her own room and plopped onto her bed for a nap.


Hi, neighbor!
My name is Brienne, from room 205. Come say hi if you want, I'm pretty friendly!