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Snippet #2642021

located in Monstrum, 666 Devil Road Transylvania, a part of Monstrum's Asylum for Developing Monsters, one of the many universes on RPG.

Monstrum, 666 Devil Road Transylvania



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Character Portrait: Headmaster Waylan Monstrum Character Portrait: Amrit Cadfael
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As his transport drove around part of the big plot of land where the school resided. All together yet segregated by different buildings. Hopefully-- No, of course there would be signs to tell him where to get to the Headmaster's office. He did look at the monument at the front entrance of the school, he mushed his face into the window to really look at it then the clouds above. "Hm.." He took his face away and went into his waist coat inner pocket and pulled out a black silken blindfold. Tying it under his long raven black hair in a precise bow despite no one ever seeing it. As the driver opened the door, making a face at Amrit as he just witnessed him covering his eyes as he did then slowly sling out like a cat before standing upright. Amrit stretched his arms out, bones cracking in unfamiliar places, lucky he actually chose to wear his deep plum purple waist coat too. Since his spine shifted so much, his skin moved. Most people would probably be disturbed about it. One thing Amrit was not ignorance about, vanity. He was not the most.. desirable and his habits made him much less so.

He fixed his waist coat with a playful broken tune, his smile painted in slightly glossed black lip stick. He turned to the driver as he heard his singular large suit case be put down behind him. "Thank you ever so much Ser... I will call you Benjamin. You are Benjamin now." The driver blinked, having had to deal with Amrit naming him different names the entire trip which lasted four days off and on. He was only in it for the money which was in the form of flawless rubies. "Uh.. yes sir. It was good traveling with you." Amrit proceeded to sniff, getting seemingly emotional. "Oh I know, enjoy your payment~ I am going to get a job... and meet different people now. Thank you again, now, ta ta~!" He took the handle of his rolling luggage and started to lift his foot to walk when he turned back around to the driver. "My outfit is appropriate correct, Jenny?" The driver sat in his seat, sighing for a long time with a cigarette burning away faster than he could smoke it with such a long exhale before he smiled and looked at Amrit.

Amrit was wearing formal trousers, only styled like leggings just in black leather. His dress shoes were also leather with steel toe caps and a small heel. He also wore a braided leather belt with delicate chains on it and a corset under his waist coat, tied up, not zipped with familiar bows he did himself... somehow. His hair was long and well kept, reaching down to just above his backside and his arms were covered in finger less long gloves that went above his elbows. They were black and made of fine cotton with floral patterned lace over them for texture. Finally his skin was, unusual. Deathly pale yet it had a silverish shimmer to it and in warm days it would have a slight purple hue to it. But today he looked more silver, his skin usually got more colour onto it the hotter it was.

Besides his black leather multi-layer necklace that looked like a choker before a white gold pendant of two feathers was showed like a normal necklace and the rings of onyx, ruby and moonstones it was clear that he was very eccentric. The driver just sort of stared at Amrit for a long time, somehow, the longer he looked at him in his deep coloured plum purple waist coat which seemed to be the only colour on him apart from his jewelry... the more he liked it. He nodded and put his thumb up before noticing the blindfold again and spoke up. "Looking good. You will do fine. Now, I need to go, Amrit. Take care." The driver closed his door and sighed in relief before driving far... far away. Amrit just nodded and waved to the car, shouting. "Bye bye Jasmine!" He laughed a bit to himself before continuing his broken tune humming as he walked forth, walking around the monument only to stop and go up next to it.. and lick it. "Hm." He then proceeded on his way into the main office building where he was greeted by one of the staff and shown to a waiting area with his luggage.

He was sat by a child no down and everyone just stared at him. Since it was evident he was not human. No one could be so pale.. or shimmer in the light where his veins were located. He just hummed away as he waited for his interviewer. But eventually he turned to the poor unfortunate soul beside him and began to chat. "You know, the monument tastes like marble. I like marble. It is so... smooth and shiny in the sun. Also you smell like a tree. Are you a forest being?" He sighs, frowning to himself as he rests his head back against the wall, one leg crossed over the other. His left hand holding onto his luggage and the other on his knee. He closed his eyes behind his blindfold and groaned a bit. "Now you have made me thirsty.. Forest people always make me think of water.. Can you get me some water?" The boy beside him had been in tears from being told off by a teacher.. now he was confused and very worried about being seated next to Amrit. He silently walked off and sat by another person after getting a plastic cup of water for Amrit. Amrit took it, bowing his head in thanks before downing it, letting the boy go off. "Ooh.. spring water mm.."