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Snippet #2642995

located in Monstrum, 666 Devil Road Transylvania, a part of Monstrum's Asylum for Developing Monsters, one of the many universes on RPG.

Monstrum, 666 Devil Road Transylvania



Characters Present

Character Portrait: Thomas Character Portrait: Gohan Naudeus Character Portrait: Shame Eclipse Character Portrait: Gem Kenji Character Portrait: Rook/Valda Sertogas Character Portrait: Sen Jumin
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Gohan merely chuckled at Sen's insolent remarks. "Maybe so boy, perhaps I'll ask for your help again in the future. For a demon you seem quite willing to be of help." He gave Sen a jovial smile and went on to put the box on the teacher's desk in the front of the classroom. The beast inside hissed angrily at the sudden vibrations and what looked like the tongue of a snake flicked out of one of the holes in the side.

Tom had not expected Sen to go up to him. The motion made his eyes widen slightly and he looked around to see who he was walking towards. When he turned back Sen was leaning close to him. The scent of demon was thrust into his face causing him to wince. His ears flipped back against his scull almost. He trembled despite his shame for doing so, he knew Sen was fucking with him but a cat will always be a cat. Sen made it clear his intention to speak to him, the fact that he couldn't hide from him, probably knowing full well that was what had gone though his head at the sudden gestures. Thomas gaped like a fish and gave an unintelligible response before everything went black.

Thomas had not passed out. His view had been obscured by his own clothing as his form faltered, popping into the shape of a cat almost as if he'd always been the cat and the human form had been an illusion. The pile of clothing writhed and his small black head popped out of a sleeve. His eyes looked furious, annoyed, and the agitated twitch of his tail mirrored his embarrassment. 'In front of everyone too!' He struggled out of the sleeve, trailing his shirt across the floor a ways before slipping free and scampering down the hallway. 'How embarrassing! Shame probably thinks I'm an idiot thanks to that jerk!' He mewled angrily as he passed through Sen's retreating legs, hoping to cause him to trip. He slipped into the library and hid with ease among the jungle of bookshelves. He'd go back to normal eventually he just had to calm himself. He wasn't sure it was the best idea though since he'd be naked. Thomas hid between books, his little kitten's body trembling with Adrenalin, tail flicking back and forth with unease. He'd just have to wait until the hallway cleared out and sneak his clothes back.....somehow...

Gem peered over his glasses only emphasizing Sen's own point. His soft lavender gaze took the demon in with little interest as the light from the computer screen reflected in his glasses. Gem pushed his glasses up and smirked, continuing with his plan. "Teacher's pet? Hardly. Unlike you I'm going to actually do something to take control of this place." He glanced up at Sen and a dark smile graced his deceptively innocent looking complexion. Gem was a siren, it wasn't hard to see that he'd play whatever song necessary to get the people to dance his way. Including Sen if necessary. He leaned back and let Sen observe his work. "To rule, you need an army don't you?"

He had a poster, or rather the layout for one. It looked like a club recruitment, or rather a recruitment to Monstrum's Campus Police. The color schemes vaguely brought to mind the Nazis with all the reds and blacks and Gem's image plastered across the front. "I'll need a General for my army though..." His eyes glimmered as he glanced at Sen, wondering if he'd take the bait for second in command. He'd get some power sure but he'd be taking orders from him, the guy he lost against.