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located in Game world called LAIOS, a part of Welcome to LAIOS Part I, one of the many universes on RPG.

Game world called LAIOS



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Game Developer and Beta Tester


Beast Tamer


The small stout woman reclined into the cushioned chair. Controlled breathing and a neutral expression on her face gave nothing away of her emotions. Nothing of the rare waves of excitement she was feeling. Nothing of the equally prevalent anxiety either. She took a deep and silent breath to reassure herself.

Diane raised her slender glass with everyone else. Cheers resounded through the large and open floor plan of Skyline Gaming Corporation's main development building. It was the night before LAIOS beta testing and everyone had gotten together to celebrate the completion of the game's preliminary development. She would admit it. This was nice. Very nice. A small, delicate smile painted itself across her lips as she gazed out about her.

The mood was pleasant. She listened to cheerful chatter fill up the air almost overpowering the catchy music. She laughed quietly to herself. Well, no one would have heard it anyway. She was alone at the round, head table. Seven empty and silent chairs around her. She sipped the drink that seared a path down her throat and passed a glance over to all of her co-workers out on the dance floor. Part of her wanted to join them, but she was not in a big hurry to make a fool of herself. Diane slowly pushed herself up and to her feet. It was getting late. It was probably better for her to head on out.

Pushing in her chair, she spun on the heel of her shoe and collided face first into a broad chest. Oomph. Pulling back she held her nose and muttered a small apology making a move to get around them before she felt a hand gripping her arm. She looked up at the man and could feel her cheeks heat up. "Um, h-hey. . .Kenneth." She did not speak to the bright haired game developer often, but they worked together once or twice. She had often thought him sweet.

"Diane." He straightened his tie and drummed his fingers on his leg. Diane bit her lip and looked everywhere but him. Great, she was making him uncomfortable.

"I better get going." She mentioned tight-lipped. He looked up, down actually, at her, his eyes full of shock.

"Wait! Um. . ." He fumbled around with his words and she stared at him expectantly. "Ah, you look really good tonight." He added with a laugh, "I don't think I have ever seen you smile so much." A sheepish laugh bubbled from between her lips and she thanked him. "Also, I wanted to congratulate you. You know, for being chosen to beta test." She smiled widely. This entire game was a dream of hers. Beta testing was the way to see it come true first hand. The managers could not really deny her when she asked for the opportunity. In all fairness. Arguably, she invested the most time and effort into the project.

"Thanks." The two shared a grin, Ken's much larger than her own, before he launched into conversation. It was one sided mainly, but Diane was content to just listen. He was so energetic. The tiny bit of loneliness that nibbled at her stomach retreated.

"Hey? Do you maybe want to get in one dan--" He began before being interrupted and Diane's heart fell. A petite girl latched onto his arm and jostled him.

"Ken! Dance with me!" She implored him. Jillian. "Oh hello, Diane." She was greeted flippantly before the beautiful woman pulled Kenneth away. Oh yeah. Diane felt foolish as she watched Jillian's long blonde hair whip about and settle at her waist. They were together.

She gathered her things and silently slipped out of the building and lay a hand on her stomach. It was back.

Daine tapped the arms of her chair. It would be fine. The game would be successful and beautiful. Her, their, AI would be functional, and the first working one of its kind. The helmet was slipped on and fit snugly on her head. But before her vision was obstructed by the tinted plexi-glass face cover, she saw Kenneth. Shooting her a small smile he mouthed, good luck.

She closed her eyes and squeezed them tight for a moment as she her boss spoke loudly announcing that they were to begin. The world around her went dark. Oh god. It was really happening.

Putting the final touches and details on her character's design, she was faced with a single question. Name? She pondered a moment. Almost putting in her actual name, Diane. Then, she decided against it. Here. She was not Diane. She was new and improved in this world. Threading her fingers through the long silky blond strands, she thought.


A slight tingling sensation tickled her skin and in a moments time she found herself transported. She blinked at the sudden brightness of her surroundings. Taking a generous look around she marveled at the sight. It was wonderful. Even better than she imagined and she was overcome with emotions. Big, watery droplets ran down her cheeks and she scolded herself. There was not any time for that. She had a job to do. Rainne rubbed at her eyes and steadied herself.

A distance away she noticed a small figure. She focused on it and smiled broadly to herself. There it was. The AI. She walked towards him. Slowly and stealthily. Doing her best to not attract his attention just yet. She wanted to watch him. For just a bit.

Rainne had to stifle laughter when he fell onto his bum. An adorably astonished expression on his face. He was just a baby. Her baby. She approached and observed the way he pushed himself and slowly became less and less disjointed all on his own. As he began to work his way back to his feet, Rainne resisted the urge to help. Feeling proud herself when he seemed to stand with a purpose.

Catching his elbow as he swayed, Rainne steadied him. "Game Master." She spoke in cool and easy tone. Releasing him she looked into his eyes softly. Taking in the boyish features. They really outdid themselves. "I am Rainne, here to assist you. Game Master, do you understand your prerogative?"