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located in Game world called LAIOS, a part of Welcome to LAIOS Part I, one of the many universes on RPG.

Game world called LAIOS



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Rainne took half a step back to give the AI some space. She looked at the shorter figure down her nose. Watching as he examined her. She could almost see the gears turning in his head through his sapphire eyes.

Nodding her head slightly in response to his greeting. His gentle voice matched his boyish form. Rainne was impressed that he spoke so clearly and concise. At his request, she was taken aback slightly. She and the head developers had never assigned the AI of LAIOS a name other than game master. Listening to his reasons she could understand the purpose and found herself impressed once again. Rainne had a feeling she was in for many more surprises the longer she spent with him. She bowed her head in aknoledgement. "I understand Seraph." She enjoyed the way the name rolled off her tongue, and could not help but think that she knew that name from somewhere else. She would have to think on it further. "I'll be fine." She assured with a wave of her hand. This was a good sign. He was already thinking for the benefit of the game.

Rainne observed Seraph as he righted himself. Absentmindedly noting how at his full height, he only stood to the tip of her nose. This was quite a new experience. She was not used to being the taller one. With an intent ear she registered each answer he gave in response. Tapping her finger on the outer side of her thigh with each correct answer. One, ensure the optimal function of LAIOS. Two, learn from personal interactions. Three, evolve the world to comply with the players wishes. "Perfect." She commented, pleased.

Tilting her head from side to side as was her habit, Rainne pondered over his questions momentarily. Opening her mouth to answer, she found herself cut off even before she could voice a word. His eyes wide with alarm he moved closer and Rainne leaned back to keep a comfortable distance. "Seraph!" She began, a sternness lacing her silvery voice. "It will not do for you to get so panicked." She gave him a moment before continuing. "You have done well so far. The only reason I knew who you were was because I knew what to look for." Referring to the black book of codes and information he held close. The other players, they would not think much of it, but she understood its value.

Rainne took a deep breath before launching into an explanation for his previous questions. "I greeted you that way, because of who you are I'll admit. Skipping the pleasantries to save time and until a moment ago I was unaware that you had a name." She glanced behind him for a moment and calculated in her head how much time she had already spent. The others would be arriving soon. "The scripted interactions already programmed inside are more formal and polite. Able to be used whenever with whoever. It depends on the person you interact with, their personality and your history with them, to decide whether or not another greeting is appropriate. . . Does that make sense?"

As she waited for him to confirm, or not, something caught her eye off to the side. She turned her full attention to it. One by one other beta testers began to materialize into existence. "Are you ready Seraph?"