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located in The Vigilante Village, Tennessee, a part of The Vigilante Village, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Vigilante Village, Tennessee



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Character Portrait: Lily Maris Character Portrait: Seraphiel Lien Thompson
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"You will never be able to see the world in it's true colors, until you're covered in crimson."
[ Vigilante Village Outskirts - Cabin 11 ] [ Morning ]

Her hands were covered in dry blood, she was not giving the luxury of having enough time to clean them. The previous days were tiresome ones, she was not sure when the last time she slept was. It was sheer willpower that was keeping her feet from collapsing out from under her, however it was also stubbornness that made the situation worse. Her hair was a mess, her clothes needed washing, and still somehow she managed to look beautiful. As she walked towards what she understood was the camp she would be taking refuge at, she appeared to be very weary of the place itself. Her eyes darted this way and that, both surveying the area, and seemingly not trusting who may be in it.

Seraphiel wasn't happy to say the least. The idea of surrounding herself with a bunch of teenagers with superpowers seemed to be among the worse of her possible situations, but this was her last resort, and most likely one of the only places she would be - if not temporarily, safe. Or perhaps safe wasn't the word, how was being around a bunch of other super powered individuals a safe situation. She had spent the most recent hours avoiding familiar faces. It had not been very long since she infiltrated the government's labs, in a desperate attempt to find herself, or whatever was left of it. What she found would not even begin to piece together her forgotten memories. However, it was enough for her to come to the conclusion that the entire government was corrupt. She was sure it reached even further than the government, to average people, or others with abilities. The world turned round on lies and ignorance.

She wore nothing but a grey checkered long sleeve blouse, and a part of short jean shorts. Her feet were bare, appearing as if they'd been bleeding as well, though one could not be sure as they were also covered with dirt. Her whole body, with only the exception of her face was covered in red tattoos, which she made no attempt to hide or cover up. "Mae." A little girl materialized beside her, ever so frail looking, with pale lavender hair and even paler eyes. "I have stopped the nullification, master." She floated beside Seraphiel, her white drews flowing behind her. 'How many times do I have to tell you not to float like that when we're walking." A grin crept up on the girl's face as she landed gracefully on the ground, "It disturbs people, it's hilarious." she said in her usual monotonous tone.

Finally she had made her way into the camp, passing the parents dropping off their children. It was a mixture of anxiety, excitement, and what would seem to be pure annoyance. It was almost nauseating to be around so many people that were so oblivious to what was actually going on in the world. Seraphiel ignored the people around her, a few hello's were directed in at her and she simply ignored them. She made sure to give each face a voice however, and an overall mood and expression. Seraphiel contemplated her future movements, she knew she was not going to be able to stay at this camp for the duration of the summer. She also knew she was endangering the lives of the people around her. However, that was not something that she cared to concern herself with now.

She peered into the cabins, hoping to find an empty one, one she could have all to herself. Away from all of the children, she didn't have the patience to deal with being cramped in a cabin with other people. The easiest solution, would be just to make herself one. However, that was also the worst solution, but was it really? Every cabin seemed to have at least one person, or some kind of belongings sitting in it already. She looked down at her hands and then her feet, she needed to get rid of the blood, the blood that didn't belong to her. Seraphiel turned into what had looked to be an empty cabin, until she walked in to find another person, almost cursing herself in that very moment. She walked passed the brown haired girl, Mae no longer behind her. Finally she found a bathroom, almost too luxurious for a place like this, shut the door and looked up in the mirror as she cleaned herself up. Seraphiel Thompson she thought to herself, it was as much a lie as everything else about her was. She then played a guessing game with herself about her age.