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located in Game world called LAIOS, a part of Welcome to LAIOS Part I, one of the many universes on RPG.

Game world called LAIOS



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Game Developer and Beta Tester


Beast Tamer


Rainne looked upon Seraph with a fondness in her eyes. Watching as his already bright and innocent features grew with delight. She waved the childish AI away from her so he could go and interact with the newest arrivals. Rainne hung back. Fiddling with her new locks. Feathery light, blonde strands fell through her fingers as she watched the other beta testers talk and laugh with one another. Each and everyone of them were her fellow colleagues, but she could not bring herself to approach them still. Here she might be Rainne on the outside, but no matter where she was she was still Diane.

She tilted her head to the side in thought. Of what? She was not particularly sure. Everything. Anything. Too many thoughts fluttered through her mind for her to keep track, so why try. A heavy hand on her shoulder startled her out of her reverie causing her to jump in fright. Spinning around in irritation, she came face to face with a beta tester. The woman held her hands up to placate Rainne. An apology tumbling out of her mouth.

"So, sorry--" The woman with the fiery mane, glanced up above her head to read her username, "Rainne." Rainne looked the figure in front of her up and down. Taking in the red hair and matching wings. Elongated ears and scythe. So she chose to be of the demon race. Reaching her hand out, Rainne brushed her fingers along the wing. Tough and leathery. She could not help the goofy smile that plastered itself to her lips.

"We really did well this time didn't we Terran?" Terran the beta player, nodded with pride. All their work was finally bearing fruits. Even though it took a long four and a half years, it was was worth it. Extremely worth it.

"Hey." Terran discreetly pointed to Seraph. "Is that him?" Rainne hummed in confirmation. The demon whistled in disbelief. "Look at him. . . Dang! We did good!" She exclaimed with a hearty laugh.

The two spoke pleasantly for a few minutes more until a pair approached them. An elf and another demon. Asking Terran to join their developing party. She of course complied. The three offered a place to Rainne as well, to be polite she assumed, but she declined graciously. Before she realized it, Seraph was back at her side. She smiled at him softly."I would like to accompany you, if I may." Adding as an afterthought, "Would you accompany on my first mission?"

• • • • • • • •

Side by side the two walked into the town. Rainne's eyes were wide with astonishment. They darted to and fro. From the simulated villagers, to the well kept cottages, and skillfully crafted items on display through shop windows. The pair, game master and beta tester, took their time speaking to the unique NPCs. Looking for one that might have a quest for them. Reaching the outskirts of the town, they finally found what they were looking for. Coming across an older woman toiling away in her small herbal garden, Rainne engaged her in conversation. "Hello? Ma'am, that looks like hard work. Would you like some help?"

The elder NPC slowly pushed herself to her feet and smiled at the two as she wiped her hands on her apron. "How kind!" She exclaimed with a tad more power than was expected of someone her age and Rainne took a startled gasp. "But actually I have it all handled here. I might be old, but my gardening skills are still as strong as ever!" She chuckled.

Rainne forced a pout and probed, "Are you sure? We'd really love to help"

"Well. . ." The old woman drawled. "I suppose if you really do not mind. . ." She looked to the pair and Rainne nodded. "I run an apothecary in my home and have recently run out Redspotted Hornet stingers. I desperately need them for my next order. Would you be a dear and bring me back a bagful?" Rainne smiled widely. Finally.

Without further delay, Seraph took the offered bag from the woman, and the were on their way into the valley.