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Snippet #2644241

located in Booth Lane College, a part of Skins: Secrets Out, one of the many universes on RPG.

Booth Lane College



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Character Portrait: Arabella Swift Character Portrait: Jamie Chapman Character Portrait: Ellie Wallace Character Portrait: Nate Carlile
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Friday 4th September โ€“ 6:30 PM โ€“ Club โ€“ Outfit

โ€ป Mood: Surprised - Chilled- Nervous
โ€ป Listening To: Pink Floyd
โ€ป With: Jamie
Bella noticed the girls and their expressions, of course she did Bella didn't miss a beat but she just smirked at them gently rolling her eyes a little as she looked up at Jamie. She listened to the compliments and praise that just rolled his way from the band and the surrounding cluster of fans- mainly girls Bella noticed but that's the way it tended to be with things and she couldn't judge, she'd queued at merchandise tables practically crying at just the idea of meeting her favourite band, she kind of missed those days- she hadn't been to a proper gig for ages. She was still clinging onto hope Green Day would tour again but it seemed unlikely.

"Some guy was hitting on Ellie, she was like no, Nate was like pow and Ellie was like what the fuck, they had a row- I was like shi-t," She dramatized the word 'shit' slightly prolonging it before shrugging her shoulders with a sigh. "Honestly, I think Ellie just has a couple of pride issues or something. Nate didn't mean anything, he was just trying to look after her- you know what he's like," She spoke calmly because she knew the sourness wouldn't last. "They're pissed at each other I think Ellie must have hit a nerve because he isn't inside but they'll be fine. It's Nate and Ellie- they're always fine," She reminded. She'd never thought Ellie and Nate ever argued or disagreed, they were always joined at the hip so she'd just always made the assumption their lives were sunshine and rainbows but she could see through it now, they both clearly had something go on to be that pissed off about the smallest incident- they'd both done worse.

"How was it though? Being on stage again, it looked pretty awesome from where I was standing," She chimed softly wanting to talk about the positive events of the evening rather than the negative ones. There was no point discussing Nate and Ellie for many reasons but primarily it wasn't their business and though Bella was the kind of girl who saw everything and knew most things, she wasn't one to talk she linked to think she wasn't the kind to gossip- bitch perhaps under appropriate circumstances but she didn't gossip there was no point to it in her opinion.

There were still girls watching, listening, judging and asking questions out loud and to their friends but Bella didn't seem to take any notice, they reminded her of girls at school- nit picking the fine details of her clothing and style, her friends and her choice of presentation and she'd learnt to block that out long ago and this proved to be no more difficult.

Friday 4th September 6:30 PMโ€“ Club โ€“ Outfit

โ€ป Mood: Chilled โ€“ Light - Content โ€“ Upbeat
โ€ป Listening To: Way Away - Yellowcard
โ€ป With: Ellie
Nate could see Ellie at the merchandise table chatting away with the natural charisma of hers he'd always secretly envied and he just sighed, telling himself he didn't care and drawing his second cigarette up to his lips and inhaling the intoxicating fumes deeply so they shook his chest. He half wanted to go find Bella and Jamie because he hated being alone but in a way, he thought that might be even lonelier considering how close the two were. He bit the inside of his cheek and tapped the cigarette letting his arm rest by his thigh as he tapped it boredly.

He thought to himself as he smoked, which many people would insist he didn't do a lot of. Thinking. He was constantly questioned on his thinking.

What were you thinking?
Do you really think?
For god's sake think Nate
Did you for a second think?


He sighed and a slight touch of anger boiled in his blood but considering it was Nate all it meant was that he flicked at his zipper lighter with a sad thrown, he didn't even swear or clench his teeth. He just held his cigarette between his teeth and with his spare hand, flicked his lighter on and then off again watching the warm orange flame appear and disappear as it pleased. It burnt so brightly, it wasn't always easy to look at it from so close and the centre of the flame caught his eye where it was slightly white but he couldn't bear to gaze at it long. He took in a deep breath before he inhaled the air of his cigarette making the decision he'd go find Bella and Jamie after he finished it because they'd agreed to go out together as group and he wouldn't fuck that up for everyone anymore than he already had because he may not know everything but it was no secret Bella and Jamie had a shit week and he wasn't going to let it be even worse because he couldn't think.