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located in Monstrum, 666 Devil Road Transylvania, a part of Monstrum's Asylum for Developing Monsters, one of the many universes on RPG.

Monstrum, 666 Devil Road Transylvania



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Character Portrait: Thomas Character Portrait: Shame Eclipse Character Portrait: Gem Kenji Character Portrait: Sen Jumin
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Image Gem let a smile crawl across his face despite the crawl of discomfort that spread by way of uncomfortable tingles across his back and where Sen's breath brushed against him. He hated him being that close, there was no doubt about it. Gem was a control freak and he didn't give Sen permission to waft his demon scent all over him like that. It was odd. Gem couldn't definitively say that the scent itself was unpleasant this close. It was distinct. There are those out there that loved the scent of certain woods burning, it was close to that but hellfire burned in more than one way. The scent of a burning soul was something else entirely. Gem fought the desire to turn and throttle him and kept his relaxed pose, a master at physical deception. His heart however thudded rebelliously coupled with a very familiar hunger.

"Yes, we wait, and recruit where we must. There are hundreds of teenage monsters out there who are pent up and just want the chance to beat someone down. What better way than to give them the authority to do so. I'll have to dress it up pretty for the teachers and headmaster though so they accept the idea. I'm sure I can get Imdius to sign off on it. He'd be giddy over the idea and no doubt he'll find it cute that you're actually taking the initiative."

Gem grinned his cutest, most innocent smile and looked over to Sen. A blush even spread across his cheeks in an overtly, almost nauseatingly human fashion. He was so close! He brought a hand up and ruffled Sen's hair cutely paying no mind to the various horns sticking out from it. Gem couldn't help but think that it reminded him of petting a young sheep. "Its a good thing you don't have curly hair, Sen. You'd never escape the teasing."

Suddenly a thought spilled from his lips, unbidden. "What would you do if I started to eat you right now?"

It had to have been, at least slightly unnerving. With Gem's hands entwined with his long black hair gently gripping at a horn, smiling his cute, slightly dopey innocent smile. At that point Gem turned in his seat, his knees drawn up so that at any moment he could have leapt up and tackled Sen to the ground his teeth at his throat in moments. Gem let go of Sen's horn and placed a hand on the side of his face, still with that smile on his face. He leaned forward until he was as close as Sen had been moments ago, his breath against his ear. "All you've done so far is underestimate me, demon prince. Keep at it and I may just loose interest and kill you. Don't make it so easy by being so comfortable around me."

Gem then...licked his face. He just wanted to see what he tasted like. Just a small, sudden lick like one you'd do to a siblings hand if they were trying to keep you silent for some reason. Right on the cheek. Gem chuckled and sat normally in his chair. "I hope your insides taste better than your outsides. It'd be a waste of good flesh, honestly."

It was barely a compliment but he lent it to him. The face of the devil is a pleasing one, one to lure the hearts and minds of sinners from all walks of life. He had his father's looks one supposed. So what? Sen was attractive he'd let him have that at least. It would be a waste if he tasted like ash all the way through though. He wondered vaguely if Sen would have the brains to see through his threatening facade. Gem doubted it greatly.

Meanwhile, Thomas had taken to grooming himself on a couch in the library. It was empty and he was pretty sure no one saw him slink in there. He let down his guard for the moment and sat curled up combing through his soft black fur with diligent swipes of his tiny barbed tongue. He really did look like some average stray. A well groomed and fed stray with all parts intact. He picked bits of dirt from under his claws using his teeth before hopping down and taking a quiet tour through the aisles. The hall would clear soon he hoped. He could slink back out, transform back and slip into the nearest bathroom. It would be smooth and flawless. 'Stupid Sen.' he thought frustratedly. He'd figure out a way to pay him back for all that.