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Snippet #2644667

located in Booth Lane College, a part of Skins: Secrets Out, one of the many universes on RPG.

Booth Lane College



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Character Portrait: Arabella Swift Character Portrait: Jamie Chapman Character Portrait: Ellie Wallace Character Portrait: Nate Carlile
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Friday 11th September – 2:30 PM – The Road – Camp Out Outfit

※ Mood: Surprised - Chilled- Nervous
※ Listening To: Whatsername - Green Day
※ With: No One
Bella turned her head as a car pulled up but she didn't get up. "Hey Ellie- how you doing?" She called over grinning lightly at her. "Cheers," She added gratefully when Ellie passed her a drink. "I've got some booze in the back of the truck if you want anything by the way and of course not, get your ass up here," She laughed softly trying to keep her mood light and free although things at home this week with her Mother had been worse than ever she was in high spirits to have some time away with her friends and Jamie- she was especially glad she'd get to see him because she hadn't even been able to text him properly in the week whilst she'd been trapped in her bedroom at her. She was incredibly conscious of her decreasing weight but she figured Jamie wouldn't comment because he knew what her situation was like at the minute and no one else was likely to feel comfortable enough to ask anyway, so she assured herself it'd be fine and pushed the thought to back of her mind.

She spent a long moment inhaling from the joint and then breathing it out in practiced circles falling back against the truck and sighing with her knees folded so they pointed up at the sun and ran at a perfect right angle to her body which was parallel with the Earth and the sky.

"Only if you're out of reason. You guys still not cool yet?" She asked softly. "I thought you guys would have figured it out by now, you usually do. What's changed hey?" she queried gently in a genuine tone as apposed to a nosy one, she wanted to know more so she could try and help rather than for the sake off gossip. "is it to do with the French bitch?" She asked, admittedly she was jumping to conclusions but it wasn't unlikely.

Friday 11th September 2:30 PM– Camp Out – Outfit

※ Mood: Moody | Anxious | Bitter
※ Listening To: Before You Start Your Day - Twenty One Pilots
※ With: Sky
"So Sky, did I explain who we're meeting? You'll like them. They're really..." He paused for a long while trying to think of the best way to describe them and it took so long the air was starting to feel thin and he felt slightly awkward. "Out there." He finished eventually. "Yeah, they're really out there. Bella and Jamie, they're incredibly musical. He's gotten himself involved with this ace rock band at the minute and it really looks good for him from what I've heard and Bells- she plays a bit of everything really but I think she's more of the dancing kid, I remember she was in my form in Year 7 and when they asked us what we wanted to do when we grew up, she said Angelina Ballerina. At the time it was supposed to be hilarious but she's close to it," He laughed and Sky laughed too, smiling over at him with genuine interest.

"They sound awesome," She chimed and Nate nodded, trying incredibly hard not to think about Ellie. He was torn between desperate to see her and wanting to keep her as far away from him as possible. His mother had been asking a lot of questions; Haven't see Ellie this week- she ok? and when Nate was trying to get out of going to school she'd try to bribe him with Oh look, suck it up today for me just this once and you can call Ellie over for tea . He hadn't told her about anything that had happened. He didn't want to disappoint her because sometimes he really thought the middle aged woman loved Ellie more than she loved her onlyson.

"They are," Nate grumbled miserably. "There's Ellie too- she's...spirited," He told her quietly. "I'm gonna be honest with you. She wants my guts for garters at the minute, so if she takes it out on you- it's not personal. She just really fucking hates me," He sighed. Two parked cars came into his vision and he spotted the girls crashing out in the back of a truck he was fairly certain he'd never, ever seen Arabella drive- had she nicked it? He wouldn't put it past her but he really doubted she had. He pulled up next to Arabella's truck and took a deep breath before climbing out.

"Y'alright?" He greeted trying to sound cheerful.

Friday 11th September – 2:30 PM – The Road – Camp Out Outfit

※ Mood: Excited - Bubbly
※ Listening To: Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers
※ With: Nate
Sky had her earphones in for most of the journey but she took them out when Nate started describing his friends to her and his fall out with Ellie and she cringed. She felt really bad for him, from what she'd seen over the last week he was a really nice and genuine guy, bit annoying and a bit of a downer though but she couldn't make an assumption about him based on that.

"Oh shit I'm sorry. I'm sure you guys can sort it out," She uttered uncomfortably. She was relieved when the car pulled up because watching Nathaniel wind himself up and get stressed out was starting to influence her own mood and mentality.

She bounced out the car after Nate and brushed off her shirt pulling her hair down one shoulder and she smiled at them both really happily, brightly and in an incredibly friendly manner.

"Bonj-, sorry no. Urm hey, Arabella and Ellie right?" She asked lightly walking over to them.

Nate stood between them and gestured. "Bella, Sky. Sky, Bella. She's the French new student, she wanted to meet some people and I mentioned you guys so here she is," He explained with a defeated shrug. He didn't even look at Ellie because he didn't want to let her ruin his weekend but it was killing him. It was really killing him. That was the only reason he'd really slept with Sky, was to try and stop himself from missing her but it wasn't that simple and he'd known that when he'd tried it but he'd been hoping but it really wasn't that simple and there wasn't even enough weed in the world to make him get over it either because he'd tried that too. Sky had been complaining because he'd been smoking like a chimney all week apparently.

Sky smiled really invitingly, warmly and kindly. She presented herself as being especially bubbly and polite because she wanted to appeal to the girls- they were both incredibly cool, like she'd imagined from what Nate had said about them and it made her feel incredibly self-conscious because she wasn't as bold as them or distinctive and quirky, the brunette looked like she could rule a kingdom as she laid back with her head held with regal confidence and an overwhelming smirk.

"You alright Frog?" She asked her and Sky smiled gently, laughing off the greeting. She'd expected teasing and derogatory remarks- she was the newbie it was bound to happen and regardless, it didn't come off as offensive either almost more like automatic acceptance. Sky felt like her reaction to this was the most important thing under the sun so she bit her tongue and considered it.

"I'm good. You alright Pommie?" She replied and the brunette- she thought her name might be Bella smirked at her and rolled her eyes.

"Nicely played," She commented before looking away from Sky at the blonde girl, who Sky presumed was Ellie and the moment she properly looked at her, Sky felt almost immediately intimidated and shut down by her.