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Snippet #2644822

located in Booth Lane College, a part of Skins: Secrets Out, one of the many universes on RPG.

Booth Lane College



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Character Portrait: Arabella Swift Character Portrait: Jamie Chapman Character Portrait: Ellie Wallace Character Portrait: Nate Carlile Character Portrait: Skylar Grocott
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Friday 11th September – 2:30 PM – The Road – Camp Out Outfit

※ Mood: Surprised - Chilled- Nervous
※ Listening To: Whatsername - Green Day
※ With: No One
Bella visibly cringed at the whole situation and practically leapt out the truck to go see Jamie for an excuse to get out of it but she did take the time to shout back at Ellie.

"Chienne! Je parle français aussi, parfaitement ainsi!" Bella had been fluent in French for a long while, she'd been learning back when she still lived in Chelsea probably even before Jamie started learning the language and she didn't usually boast about it but it was something she was kind of proud of and in the presence of a French person, it was totally relevant. "Which translates to, 'Bitch, I speak French too, perfectly as well,' so stick it," She teased light heartedly before walking over to see Jamie.

"Hey slow coach- I'd accuse you of being late but I think I was early so I can't, bummer," She commented casually trying to ignore the intense atmosphere that had built up since Sky climbed out the car. Bella had to admit she was gorgeous in a way that was actually really sickly, she reminded her off toffee apples and Bella kind of had a vendetta against them but she seemed fun but she did wander why the hell Nate had brought her. "Yeah of course it's okay Ellie. As long as he brings a contribution to booze," She joked.

Friday 11th September 2:30 PM– Camp Out – Outfit

※ Mood: Moody | Anxious | Bitter
※ Listening To: Before You Start Your Day - Twenty One Pilots
※ With: Sky
Nate had seen the expression to appear on Ellie's face and also the way she rapidly punched at her phone and if he was actually angry at her, he would have smirked but he wasn't. He was trying to punish her, wind her up or get at her. He was just making a point that he was okay without her even if it was tearing him apart inside, he'd been taught by the best how to play mind games. He rolled her eyes at her performance a little and sighed to himself, did she really think that was what this was about? She didn't know him well enough by now to see through his little façade? That actually hurt more than whatever it was she was trying to accomplish.

"Right, well anyway- I have the tent so get your asses over here and help me put it up," He called over to Bella and Jamie. He could have been civil with Ellie tonight but when she chose to ignore his presence but to mock it, he decided he wouldn't acknowledge hers either. He also decided, he'd have a fun time too- if that meant getting stoned even though he knew Ellie hated it, so be it. If that meant flirting with Sky, so be it. If she already thought he'd fallen to her level, he might as well play the game.

Friday 11th September – 2:30 PM – The Road – Camp Out Outfit
※ Mood: Excited - Bubbly
※ Listening To: Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers
※ With: Nate
"I swear to God, I've only heard good things. Nate told me about you, he made you sound like a pretty lovely person so," She shrugged at her smiling gently. She wasn't lying either, besides being under the impression the girl hated him- Nate hadn't said a single bad word about Ellie and when he explained the situation to Skylar, he'd sworn he never had either and she didn't have a reason to disbelieve him.

"Ah cool," She giggled smiling and she grinned at Bella's exchange and she arched her brow.

"For an English person- she's pretty good," She admitted to Ellie softly with a slight laugh. "What gig were you at last week then?" She asked politely in order to make conversation, whilst she helped Nate get the tent and the poles out of the massive bag in the boot of the car. She unzipped it and together they carried it out and laid it out on the ground.

"Merde," She breathed looking at the complex pile of metal and fabric at their feet. "Any of you got a clue where to start?" She asked brushing her hand through her hair and pushing it back from her eyes.

As the new arrival- Jamie? She was pretty sure it was Jamie joined the group she offered a friendly smile. "Hi, Jamie right? I'm Sky. I've just started at the college this week," She explained charismatically.[/left]