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Snippet #2645570

located in The Cruise Ship Long Grain, a part of The Long Grain's First and Last Voyage, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Cruise Ship Long Grain



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Character Portrait: Steven H Baker Character Portrait: Dobbs Ferry Spock
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Ah, the crunchy treat, the one I can eat on the move, which means the Boss and I have more work. The hard scrape of the flavorful cookie against my teeth is both stimulating and satisfying. As I feel my tongue seeking out the the last dregs of taste from every surface inside my mouth I trot beside the Boss to our next assignment.

On deck! With human-puppies, which I enjoy immeasurably. They are sticky and full of odors and motion and surprises. All of which I adore. The Boss dons the puffy shirt with the whistle and the light that blinks. This means he will hold mine up to put on next. Often when I wear this I get to fly off of the deck or a pier and into the water to rescue someone or fetch some object; but we have done this sort of drill before, and I know it is our job to keep the puppies and their parents calm about the whple thing.

The whistles are bothersome, but at least they do not cause me to have to join my voice with theirs. Some sounds demand that I harmonize in order to enforce my status.

Then we herd them all aboard one of the small enclosed rooms. After that the Boss sits, and I lay at his feet.