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Brooklyn and Holly didn't get more than a few feet away from the makeup section when Cara found them, and asked Holly about getting a toothbrush. It was likely an attempt to redirect her from her sudden vest obsession, or to get her away from Brooklyn for a moment, and either way, it worked. "Yes, I want a new one!" she exclaimed quickly. She didn't necessarily need a new one, considering that Lateefah was pretty good at making sure she had all of her basic necessities, but when did Holly not just want something for the sake of having something new? Even if it was as trivial as a toothbrush, it sparked her attention, and she wanted it. Without waiting for Cara to direct her to the correct aisle, she spun around, but didn't make it more than a step before pausing to hear what Brooklyn had to say. The first sentence was nice. Holly would get one for Lateefah, and one for Kiara too, because she was sure that would make them happy, but then Brooklyn continued, and Holly spun back around with furrowed eyebrows. "That's not true!" she declared, though her eyes were focused on Cara instead of Brooklyn, who had been the one to make the offensive remark. She wanted Cara to confirm that that wasn't true, and that what Brooklyn had said about her sister was simply slander.

At sixteen, Holly probably should have been more comfortable with sexual topics and even just general, PG-13 related ones, but she wasn't. Living in the basement for a year introduced her to a lot of things, and yet, she still lived in her bubble. She still thought that smoking and drinking were bad, that Isaac needed to learn how to say no to drugs, and that Brooklyn should only be a dancer if she was dancing ballet. She was definitely mentally delayed to an extent where she couldn't help it, but a part of it could easily be attributed to what she went through as a child. It was a self-defense mechanism in a way. After years of sexual abuse, she shut down. She didn't want to hear about bad things, and she constantly sought reassurance that those monsters didn't really exist. For her, sex was one of the biggest monsters, and understandably so. Depending on what she was reacting to, her reactions were sometimes worse than how she reacted to any mention of school. At this point, she had gotten used to people kissing and hugging. She, herself, was clearly a very physical person, but she liked to see that everything was very consensual. Nick and Brooklyn kissing was okay if Brooklyn wasn't pulling away, and she could handle Isaac and Kiara hugging playfully if they were laughing. When she had been living with Lateefah and her boyfriend, things weren't even that good, though. Holly had a tendency to call for Lateefah in the middle of the night, from another room in the apartment if she even thought that she heard the bed creak in a manner that was abnormal for sleeping people. Kissing and hugging were one thing, but anything farther than that still stood to be a trigger for her, even if it wasn't happening to her.

Brooklyn was unphased because that was a typical level of offensiveness in one of her comments, but this one bothered Holly more than the ones about Tee usually did. So, she didn't cling to the brunette's side as she headed for the checkout, and instead, remained by Cara's side as they followed. "I don't need a new toothbrush, actually, and neither does Tee either, because her mouth is always clean. She doesn't even have a boyfriend, Car."