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Cara truly didn't know how Brooklyn and Lateefah had both managed to reside in the basement for the three months that she was gone. She knew that the girls had co-existed for a few months before she had gotten there too, and there survival then was a mystery too. She really just didn't understand how it was possible for Brooklyn to have not overstepped her boundary on the wrong day and Tee finally snapping, or Tee firing back a threat and Brooklyn daring her to fulfill it. The two could easily kill each other, and she was sure that the fight would end with more blood and hair on the floor than if any of the much larger and stronger guys in the basement fought. It was times like this, where Cara felt like her alliance in the whole thing should be more on Lateefah's side. She knew that Brooklyn just lacked a filter and that she said things like this to get a rise out of other people, but sometimes it was just too insensitive to want to excuse. Cara didn't even know about Holly's history with abuse and she cringed as Brooklyn claimed that Lateefah was a whore. It was just as bad of her to say about Kiara, especially considering that Kiara actually worked as a prostitute for a living, but it was different when Holly was standing right here. Like a child of their parent, Holly seemed to thing of Lateefah as being perfect, and it wasn't right for Brooklyn to constantly try to ruin that idea in her mind. This was different than her saying that Tee was a bitch, or that she was broke, or was lying about having went to Columbia. It wasn't completely out of the realm of many of Brooklyn's comments, but Cara quickly noticed that it bothered Holly, so it made it seem worse.

"I'm sure she doesn't," Cara agreed, not in an attempt to insult Lateefah, because she was sure that a girl with her looks and brains could easily snatch up a pretty decent guy, but just in an attempt to comfort Holly. To try to get her to brush over this without replacing the vest-craze with this. "We don't need to get toothbrushes, then. Why don't you pick out a piece of candy or a magazine or something when it's our turn to pay?" she suggested as they followed Brooklyn through an aisle and towards the registers. She placed a hand on Holly's back and allowed her to walk ahead, when a couple in the aisle forced them to walk in single. "And just remember that Brooklyn's always being silly, you know that. She just thinks she's being funny, so don't let it bother you," she added, almost hoping that it was loud enough for Brooklyn to hear. She really did not need this comment getting back to Lateefah. It would be just her luck that the cat fight of the century would break out the day that she got back.

The suggestion that she get candy instead of a toothbrush undeniably lifted Holly's mood. She was still bothered and definitely unsure about whether she wanted to hang out with Brooklyn, since she seemed to be in one of her mean moods, but candy sounded good. Candy definitely sounded good. So good, that she considered pushing past a group of people who were crowding the front of the aisle. Cara placed a hand on her back before she could, and tried to reassure her that Brooklyn was just joking. Holly normally would have accepted that as an answer and moved on, but again, what Brooke had said irked her more than most comments. Cara's simple excuse wasn't enough to change her back into her perky self, but she nodded, just as a way to end that interaction when she spotted a bag of Skittles in front of the cash register that they were being waved over to. "Do you want Skittles too?" she asked Cara, as she placed her bag on the counter.

Cara didn't know if Holly was really good, or just distracted for the moment, but she would take what she got. She watched as Brooklyn headed towards one cash register, almost surprised that the brunette didn't try to toss her items in with hers, before following Holly to the next open one. "No thanks," she responded as she emptied her basket onto the counter.

"You like Kit-Kats. I remember that. Do you want one of those?" Holly asked, after Cara, for some reason unknown to her, rejected the Skittles. She had already reached the candy bar by the time she finished talking, and held it towards Cara.

Cara wasn't in the mood for candy, but it seemed like accepting what Holly had and paying for it would be easier than having the girl search the rack for a piece of candy that she did want. "Sure, Holl. Thanks," she said, with a bit of faked gratitude as she took the chocolate bar and placed it on the counter. She didn't wait for the cashier to read off the owed amount, because Cara didn't want to hear it. She didn't want Holly asking what she had purchased for fifty dollars and change, and she didn't want her miraculously remembering that number and repeating it later in front of the others. Cara knew that she was probably being paranoid and maybe even a bit self-important by thinking that everyone else cared that much about her situation, but she didn't want people to think that she was some spoiled, dependent brat. She knew that it was probably obvious that she wasn't quite as financially desperate as they were, but she didn't want to be obnoxious about it. She needed to be down there just as much as them, she reminded herself.

"Here, you can have a handful of these, but then we need to get something real to eat. I don't want you to fill up on candy, since I know you didn't eat your dinner with Tee." After they had moved away from the register, she paused in her plight towards Brooklyn, who stood just outside of the door, to open Holly's bag of Skittles and pour a few into her hand. She did want to follow through to her promise to Lateefah that she would try to get Holly to eat something real, but she also didn't want the girl getting a sugar rush by downing the bag of candy in seconds.