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Despite being an emotionally inexpressive person, when it came to some things, it was apparent--sometimes too apparent--what he was thinking. This mostly happened when he was being judgmental and was reacting too quickly to remain collected, or sometimes if he was just in a mood like now where he was too lethargic to really care about concealing what was going through his mind. So he didn't think twice when he raised his brow higher at the sound of Isaac saying he was good on cash. That was hard to believe, not because of Isaac himself, but simply because they were all living in a basement. It was clear none of them were very doing very well. Of course, Killens would just take Isaac's word for it and wouldn't prod him about it although his face clearly demonstrated some level of speculation, albeit it being somewhat unenthused speculation. Hell, if anything he was now more so curious about what Isaac did to be 'solid' financially. He wasn't knowledgeable about what the guy did to make money, and he didn't care for too much longer as it was just a passing thought and Isaac had continued to speak.

"Mhm," Roman muttered as he finished swallowing the rest of his sprite. He dangled his hand over his legs and spun the soda some, listening to the remaining liquid. The sound that played back was hollowed, the can itself light. As he thought about it, he remembered he wasn't entirely a fan of Sprite. It wasn't bad, but it was too carbonated--kinda hurt. If anything, he could at least be grateful for a little sugar rush, but that didn't apply to him. If he had too much sugar in one sitting, he'd just get really groggy and tired. The fact that he could still go for a nap right about now wasn't helping either. "Well, I don't know why you fucking care, quite frankly," he began drowsily, his words muffled by the yawn that escaped as he spoke. He took a moment to finish before proceeding. "But I'm not going to beg you to take my money."

He finished the last of his soda, deciding he'd just go ahead and discard it, just for the hell of it. He was relatively good when it came to keeping up with his things, although there were some hints of disorganization. There were times though, like now, where he felt the need to go ahead and get rid of any trash he had. Even though he could have just as easily gone up to the bar, he saw this as an opportunity to have a smoke and so decided he'd hit the alley instead. Roman stood up, stretching in the process as he placed a cigarette between his lips. "Just give it when you got it. So long as the others aren't around," he said as he grabbed his jacket and slipped it on, remembering that it was a bit chilly today. He glanced at Isaac and held the open pack of cigarettes in his direction. "For your services," he said. He was normally quite stingy about his cigarettes and really only offered them to Nick, but they both shared with each other, so it wasn't even too big a deal. The guy had just caught Roman in a relatively blasΓ© mood which was why he didn't mind giving one. Besides, like Isaac said, sharing is caring.