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ImageWas it even fair that a person could raise a singular eyebrow that high? And why was it so damn sensual? Isaac couldn't raise his eyebrow that high...he could barely even lift one instead of both of them, and that had taken long hours of practice in front of the mirror. He was also letting his thoughts ramble distractedly, so his own much-too-emotional face didn't give away the fact that he knew Roman had caught him lying about the state of how deep his pockets went. At least, lying a little bit. Of course he needed money, they all did, they lived in a basement under a pub. But he didn't need it so bad he would starve, either.

He did know Killens well enough to know if the conversation just kept moving, the man wouldn't care enough to press the subject, and so the moment was over in mere seconds. Was he staring too much? He probably was. Probably focused a little too intently on the way Roman's hand fit around his cup, rolling it slightly so they could both still hear the swish of whatever liquid was still in it. Water maybe? Isaac didn't know. He wanted to know. Because he was hopeless. He really needed to get his life together. His eyes snapped back up when the man spoke again, and god how he wanted to admit that he didn't know why he fucking cared either. He really shouldn't. The way his heart jumped every time Roman even walked into a room lead to madness. And he was well aware of that. What he should care about doing was keeping his distance, not using every single excuse possible to talk to him. Straight boys would break his heart, without even being aware of it. He knew that.

Stretching was unfair. Really fucking unfair. And Isaac did not have the kind of self control to keep his gaze from drifting down Roman's body when he stood. The man had a nice build, obviously, he was a fighter...there were muscles that pulled in his arms, lean as they may be...and he was taller than Isaac, maybe a little lanky, but evidently that was the kind of thing Isaac was into. Why did he do this to himself? Oh and now they were adding cigarettes. Fantastic. Of course Isaac knew Killens smoked, a lot of them did, but it didn't stop it from being so. fucking. attractive. Also, he really shouldn't enjoy watching a boy put on clothes so much, but he did, he really did. It was just the way Roman moved. It was all too much to handle, really. Isaac barely even realized Killens was speaking, but managed to understand the words quick enough to raise his hand to his head and salute. Of course he wouldn't offer drugs when the others were around, he knew better. He did not know better than to use the hand his book was holding to salute, which was stupid, but whatever. Saluting was stupid in the first place. What was his problem?

He was just about to step off the wall and go back to his own bed - and probably groan into his arms for an hour, since Roman was obviously making to leave the basement and wouldn't hear - when the open pack of cigarette's being held his way stopped him. He didn't need one. He didn't even particularly like nicotine, which wasn't as smooth as marijuana, but...he was obviously too far gone to reject anything Roman was actually offering. So he took one with a smile and a nod, a barely mumbled 'appreciated', before sliding the slender tube behind his ear out of habit. He really had half the mind to say he'd be happy to join Killens for a smoke, but he squashed that down fast. For one thing, regardless of how much the man made him feel like a blushing teenager again, he wasn't. For another, he knew the guy liked his alone time, and he'd already trampled on that once. It was fine. Whatever. He could go back, finish his book, and in a couple of days when Roman was alone, he'd get a chance to talk to him again. He and his stupid, stupid crush could wait until then.