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Holly followed Cara out of the store without a fuss. She was too busy picking the three red Skittles out of her handful and popping them into her mouth, and then doing the same with the orange and yellow ones, before dumping the purple and green ones in the trashcan outside the doors. Today, she decided that she didn't like those two colors of the candy, but tomorrow, it was likely to change again. "Okay," she said, simply nodding as Cara suggested that they get Panera Bread after they went to the next store, that Brooklyn said would be Bed Bath and Beyond. Holly remembered going there with Lateefah when they were living in the apartment she shared with her boyfriend, but it wasn't a place they frequented now. It wasn't a store that interested her, really. The name of the store was pretty true to its contents, and bedding, bath towels, and household essentials weren't things that Holly cared for. She'd likely find something she would want there, because it was easy for her to become enthralled in the little things, but really, Barnes & Nobles sounded more fun than that. She would have to deal with Cara insisting she pick out a book to read, but at least there they also had a small section of games, and books with stickers or ones with tutorials on how to braid your hair in cool ways. That sounded better than having to stand next to Cara as she debated whether she wanted ivory or cream colored bed sheets.

She didn't object to going to the store though. Holly wasn't someone who was quiet or afraid to voice her opinion, but she also was pretty easy going. She was rambunctious and frequently a lot to handle, but she never tried to be bratty or bothersome. It occasionally happened without her intending it to, but for the most part, she was able to take things in stride and make the best out of it. Still a bit perturbed with what Brooklyn had said inside CVS, Holly didn't address her during the car ride. It wasn't in a cold-shoulder way, but just because she decided to direct her attention elsewhere. Surprisingly, it wasn't to the cab driver or even the screen in front of them that showed the weather and the news, and less interestingly, the meter with their updating-fare as the cab drove. Instead, her face was nearly pressed to the window. She and Lateefah took cabs sometimes, and though Holly liked walking, driving was interesting too. It was like she was no longer a part of the city, if only for a few minutes. Instead, she was watching the people hurry across the street before the traffic started coming, or people lining up to buy roasted almonds, from inside of the car. The sounds of almost everything aside from the horns blaring were all muted, and it was something that was calming for Holly, who seemed to hear and smell and see things in a deeper way than normal people. Every little thing caught her attention, and in a big city with so much going on, all of the time, it was like her senses were constantly being overloaded when she was out and about. Inside, it felt different, and the comfort of that allowed her to stay distracted with the sights for most of the short cab ride. "Do they sell real beds here?" Holly asked when they got out of the car. "I've been telling Tee for my whole life that I want bunk beds and she's never gotten one for me. Do you think they sell them here? Because I want to be able to sleep on the top, and I can't do that in my regular bed."