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located in Earth, a part of Beyond the Lights, one of the many universes on RPG.




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It probably wasn't good that filming for the show had started only a few hours ago, and yet Jack was already fatigued by it all. It was no secret that the Rockefeller's were the most resistant towards doing the show. They were a very business-oriented family, so unlike the other two families who had children in the entertainment industry, bad publicity didn't help them in any way. Granted, Charlie, Kate and Jack couldn't necessarily say that they were as un-involved in all of that as they wanted to say. Kate was rampant on the social scene, and all three of them were involved in social circles including some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Including the Belluccis and the Kings... even if they didn't consider the Belluccis to actually be their friends right now. Or at least, Jack thought that they weren't supposed to think of them as friends right now. He really wasn't sure what he was supposed to think. According to Charlie's words, Luciana and Serena weren't to be trusted, just as much as Mike wasn't. Jack knew that he shouldn't have been surprised by the unreasonable logic behind it, considering how much his brother was like his father, and how much his father prided himself in being loyal to his family. However, it didn't make sense to him. He was just supposed to end his friendship with Lucy and Serena, just because Michael cheated on Kate? He hated Mike just as much as Charlie did for what he did to their sister, but Lucy and Serena did absolutely nothing wrong. Nothing. It proved to be a big conflict for Jack now more than ever. He was able to get away with still maintaining that normal friendship for the past month as long as his siblings weren't around, but now this show was going to force him to be with them at the same time as his siblings.

"Thank God that you finally decided to shave. That scruffy look just makes you look homeless, Jack. Definitely not a good look for you." He rolled his eyes as his sister hurried past him as they walked down the staircase. "But was it really necessary for you to wear denim too? I mean, I don't want us being twins to be my storyline." Jack hadn't noticed that the denim in his outfit coordinated with the outfit his sister was wearing. "So take off your jacket then. It's not the middle of November," Jack suggested, with his tone being consistently innocent, though his eyes twinkling with the knowledge of how easy it was to tick off his sister. "Ever hear of air conditioning? It might as well be January with how could this house is." Jack couldn't resist smirking now. Even when Kate knew he was just trying to piss her off, she had to make a come back. She always had to have the last word, even when her being so expressive and reactive just proved that she was losing. "Besides, someone needs to dress well to combat Olivia. If we're going to be forced into this show, I don't want it to be tagged as being pornographic after just one episode." Kate had reached the bottom of the staircase and stood to face him as he slowly followed her to the bottom. His smirk faded slightly as she made a jab about Olivia, but it wasn't out of the ordinary where it caused a rise out of him. Everyone in their circle knew that the girls didn't get along, and it reminded him of his own dilemma. If Serena had managed to deal with the difficulties of appeasing both Kate and Liv in their friendship, than he would have to find a way to deal with his issues as well. "Be nice, Kate. See if you can be the sweet, perfect twin that everyone thinks you are. At least today. At least while they're filming." He expected Kate to be that way anyway, but he wanted to reinforce it.

One of the most notable things about his family was that they did value their image. This show was going to be an interesting test against that, be Jack guessed that at least in the beginning, his siblings would be able to keep the crazy on the down low. Besides, it wasn't like Kate and Olivia had ever had any real fights before. They mostly just ignored each other or talked poorly about each other behind the other's back. Again, though, now with the show, they were going to be forced to interact with each other, and Jack didn't know how well that would pan out.

"Oh, shut up. Out of everyone I'm supposed to spend my summer with, she's the least of my worries," she acknowledged as they headed through the first floor of the Rockefeller townhouse. Unlike many wealthy New Yorkers, the Rockefellers didn't opt for just a penthouse apartment. They had one of those downtown, but on 5th Avenue, their main residence was a six story town house. It was fitted with ten bedrooms, sixteen bathrooms, a finished basement with a wine cellar, a gym, greenhouse, two kitchens (with one being used for catering), among other luxury features. Really, it had more of a house feel than an apartment, and it was one of the main lures for the Rockefellers to purchase the place to act as their main residence. Of course, main residence meant little for a family that was constantly on the move, and that was spoken to this summer, with Mr. and Mrs. Rockefeller planning on spending their summer in between houses in Beverly Hills, Miami, Monte Carlo, Nice, London and the Hamptons.

Today would be the last day that Jack and Kate would spend with their parents for at least a few weeks, but it was nothing heart wrenching. They were used to everyone being all over the place, and because of the cameras being present, had already said their real goodbyes that morning. Jack had not responded to Kate's reference to her being more concerned with the others, presumably Michael and the Belluccis, with a quip, because he knew it would have been inappropriate. It went back to how Charlie had insisted that the disrespectful act towards Kate was really an act of disrespect towards all of them, and it wasn't a laughing matter. Brunch was being served in the fifth floor's dining room, where the impeccable view was hoped to set the mood for the day.

"Kate, we actually want you upstairs when everyone arrives. Charlie's up there too, and we might get a quick take on you two talking, or an interview. Jack, you can wait down here." One of the producers for the show was making a brief appearance. Apparently, there show was supposed to be pretty true to reality, but to start off the series, they wanted at least some involvement in the actives. Jack nodded, not really caring about where he was placed. He preferred not having to deal with Charlie and Kate right now anyway, and he was sure that his parents were upstairs somewhere as well. As Kate hurried upstairs, Jack was granted a few moments of silence, and during so, he was able to text back Liv.

To: Liv, Serena
Unfortunately so. Hurry up and get here. Bored out of my mind.