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located in Earth, a part of Beyond the Lights, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Charlie Rockefeller thought that he was the only sensible person on the planet at this point. He had weighed all of the pros and cons of doing this show multiple times, and it just didn't add up. They were all going to be making good salaries, and that was a known fact, since there was no way that Charlie would have been forced to sign the contract otherwise, but regardless, it wasn't a good investment. They'd have to be making a million dollars per person, per episode that came out of the filming, for reality television to be a good idea. He supposed that maybe for the Bellucis and Kings, it could be a good idea. The Kings had made their living off of the entertainment industry, so they were an example of how press, good or bad, could boost the relevancy of a name, and in turn, boost sales. That principle didn't apply to any of the Rockefeller businesses, including the one that he and Jack were now involved in, the investment and wealth management company, Rockefeller & Co. His clients didn't want to know that he could down a bottle of whiskey in a night or that when he drank too much, he mirrored his father's tendency of getting violent. It just wasn't good for business, and for Charlie, that was the most important. His parents insisted that it wasn't a priority right now, and that he needed to relax. They thought that him being involved in the show would be a good thing, because it would give him a reason to take a break from work. "We want grandchildren soon!" they would remind him every time he objected to the show, and finally, he obliged. He didn't think that he neglected his social life that much, but he supposed that maybe it wouldn't be horrible to cut down his hours at work for a few months. The idea of doing the show still didn't seem necessary, since he was sure that could relax without a contract, but everyone else knew that wasn't true.

So, here he was. Trying to make the best of being home before ten at night, when he usually left the office, on a Thursday. Much to his mother's dismay, he had already started picking at the brunch dishes whenever the chef turned her back, so that was at least allowing him to relax a bit. It must have been fate stepping in when the toasted coconut waffles that he planned on coating in vanilla rum butter came out of the waffle irons right as one of the producers for the show came into the catering kitchen announcing that the Bellucci's were arriving now. That mouthwatering smell was probably the only thing that kept him from leaving then and there. Michael Bellucci, that piece of trash, was the last person that Charlie ever wanted to be associated with again in his life. He had done his sister wrong, and cheating on her had crossed every line in the book. Charlie didn't know who Mike thought he was, or more so, what family he thought he was disrespecting, but he planned on teaching the chump that his family wasn't one to be messed with. He would have to wait until the cameras were turned off for that to happen, though. And until after he had devoured those pancakes, that his hand was slapped away from as soon as his mother walked by and caught him grabbing for one. "Kate's waiting for you. They want you and her inside, so head in there, Charles," his mother insisted, shooing him away as if he were a member of the house staff.

To: Elliot, Luciana
The hell has begun :/. Hope you all are more prepared than I am.

He paused, sending out a text to Elliot, before doing as requested, and headed into one of the living rooms where he found Kate. They were asking her some basic questions that they would possibly use in singular interview segments. While one camera was fixed on her, the producer motioned Charlie into a guest room off of that hallway, where a camera and lights were set up. He sat down, hiding his reluctance well under a confident smile. "So, you know, every so often, we'll sit you all down separately and just ask a few questions about whatever's been going on. It'll give our viewers the opportunity to get your opinion on whatever's going on. You know, see what's happening in your head, get your side of the story, and so on," a man who Charlie knew as Ryan, but couldn't for the life of him remember his role in this production, said. "So, just look at the camera and answer in full sentences, since they'll cut out my part where I'm asking you the questions..." Ryan directed, before mouthing and using his finger to count down "three, two, one". "Alright, so, how are you feeling about this summer? What are your thoughts on how it's going to pan out?" he asked. "I think this summer will be... one to remember. People think that they know a lot about all of us, but a lot of what is written about us is a blatant lie or fabricated to a point where it might as well be a lie. It should be interesting to see how people react to getting to know the real us." Or, the real Michael. They'll see how he's trash, and maybe then girls will realize that they should stop drooling over his appearance and attitude because if they achieved their dreams of dating him, he'd cheat on them within hours. Probably pass along an STD or two, too.