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located in The Bard and the Brute: Aries and Libra event, a part of Out Among the Stars, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Bard and the Brute: Aries and Libra event

Memories from a time before this.


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Character Portrait: Princess Alexis Conall Aries Character Portrait: Caesar Libra
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He paused and looked to her before smiling. She must not have been much of a dancer. He smirked and circled her before standing a few inches behind her. "Alright then. Allow me to give you a hand princess. And don't worry, I won't get upset if you step on my feet or whatever." He said as he offered his hands behind her arms. He took her's and intertwined their fingers before taking a deep breath.

"Just relax and let your feet do all the work. Ok? Left then right. Right then left." He said with a playful smile before moving along with her. He didn't move too quickly and decided to take it at a pace that was more comfortable for her. As they moved back and forth, Caesar couldn't help but feel like a teacher of some sort.