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"Brooklyn's right, I don't think they sell bunk beds here, Holl," Cara said, making her way to the front of the group as she led them into the store. Although real shopping malls, like the ones in more suburban areas, weren't common in New York, there were sometimes buildings with multiple stores in them. This location on Avenue of the Americas, had one of those layouts, where once you walked through the rotating door, you could go left to get to Marshalls, right to get to TJ Maxx, or up an escalator to get to Bed Bath & Beyond. She knew that if she gave Holly the chance to even consider which way she wanted to go, she'd end up in line to purchase a vest before she even got any of the things she needed, so taking the lead seemed necessary. Especially considering that Brooklyn seemed to be in the mood to provoke Holly into being annoying. "No, I don't think we need a toaster. Tee will buy that for them when they do move in," Cara corrected Brooklyn. She spoke as if she didn't think that Brooklyn was doing this on purpose, for Holly's sake, but glared at the brunette when their gazes met.

"Why don't we look for a new pillowcase for you after I pick out what I need?" That seemed like a simple enough thing to buy her. It wasn't like she was buying her a whole new bed set where Tee would feel inclined to give her money that she probably couldn't truly spare, and it also wasn't like she was buying something like a toaster, that was completely useless. Plus, that was the first section that Cara headed to when they got into the store. More than anything, she was going to need a place to physically sleep in the basement. Brooklyn had posed a good point, that a real mattress would be far too heavy for them to carry back on their own, and that the delivery fees probably were outrageous. If Brooklyn hadn't pointed that out, it likely never would have crossed her mind, but now that it was known that she knew, she knew that she couldn't go through with it without Brooklyn making it into a big deal. Besides, what was she going to tell the delivery people? That she wanted the mattress dropped off outside of a pub? That obviously wasn't going to work, but having Nick and Roman lug a mattress during a twenty minute walk wouldn't be much better.

What Cara thought to be one of the few good things about stores like these, the ones that she tended to only shop at when she was living in the basement, was that the atmosphere was much less relaxed. It was different than walking into Jonathan Adler and being nearly stalked by a saleswoman who wanted to grant your every wish. Here, Cara could browse without a second glance from the employees who definitely didn't work off of commission. As she headed towards the bedding section, she did notice a small display of mattresses, but they were all thin, and likely mattresses for futons or daybeds. "Homeless" or not, Cara wasn't going to spend her nights on a mattress that looked thinner than some of the blankets she owned. Even if she did plan on going somewhere that sold actual bed frames tomorrow, she knew that that thin mattress wouldn't work in the long term. Of course, she didn't have much of a choice right now. She would either spend the night sleeping on something like that, or on the hard floor. Still unsure of how she would get it home, she kept it as a possibility, but continued down to the aisles where the bedding was sold. Regardless of what type of mattress she would get, she knew she would have to downgrade to a twin sized one for space-saving sake. "So, what else did I miss while I was away? Has Brooklyn been treating you nicely? I'm surprised she and Nick aren't married by now," Cara said, speaking to Holly despite her eyes being focused on the wall of bedding, but also knowing that Brooklyn was standing within hearing distance.