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When the cab ride was over, Holly followed the girls out of the car and into the store. She stood at the back of the group during the escalator ride up, turning her head back as they went up to watch everyone on the bottom floor get smaller. "Ooh, I want a toaster!" she exclaimed immediately upon Brooklyn's suggestion. That sounded fun. She had known how to use the toaster at her grandmother's house. Granted, more than half of the time that she tried to cook something, it ended in a small fire and her grandmother banning her from ever touching it again if Tee wasn't there, but still, she liked to say that she knew how to use it. It wasn't her fault that no one ever told her that putting a can of soup in the toaster wouldn't just make it hot. As they continued inside, Cara insisted that they didn't need to get that until they moved into the apartment, and that Tee would handle buying one. Holly considered that it was probably true, but continued to wonder if they would get the pop-up kind of toaster, or an actual toaster oven. Would it be white? Black? Pink? Red? Would Tee let her use it? She told herself that it was necessary that she remember to ask Tee all of those questions later on, but once Cara suggested she look for a pillowcase, she was totally over the idea of getting a toaster.

"I do need a new pillowcase! Can we get one for Tee too? I think she would like a blue one because she's wearing a blue shirt today," Holly spoke as she hovered by Cara. The blonde stopped in front of a row of bedding, but they didn't look like just pillowcases. While she could have stood to get a whole new bed set too, Holly was set on the idea of getting a pillowcase, so she didn't even ask. She was too busy looking around the aisle for them, and eventually she found the section right across from the section that Cara was looking at. "No, they fight a lot still," she responded somberly, pausing from looking at the pillowcase color choices, as she thought about it. Brooklyn being mean directly to her wasn't enough to taint the likability that Brooklyn had in Holly's eyes, but she still didn't like her and Nick being mean to each other. It wasn't like she and Lateefah sat in the basement all day, everyday and witnessed every fight, but for the few hours a week that they were down there and not sleeping, they saw and heard enough of them. Everyone did, and while everyone else was probably used to it by now, Holly wasn't. It made her very uncomfortable for a few reasons, with one being that she didn't know whose side she was supposed to take, even if she technically didn't need to take a side at all. Nick was always a nice guy, and she thought Brooklyn was a nice girl, so them shouting obscenities at each other, or even just Brooklyn doing that to him, bothered her. "I don't think they're going to get married. Nick doesn't ever wear a suit," she reasoned, as if that meant it were impossible for him to get married. "And you need flowers for weddings, so if they don't do it soon all of the flowers will die because winter is coming, and then they'll have to wait til the spring, and by then they'll be mad at each other again." She was silent for a moment before spinning around with a two pack of aqua colored satin pillowcases in her hand. "Can we get these ones for me and Tee? They look shiny."