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Living with a bunch of roommates meant that you either had to be a heavy sleeper, or adjust to getting an hour's worth of good sleep a night. Luckily for Colton, he had been a heavy sleeper even when he was living in his middle class house, with his own bedroom and a real comfortable bed to lie in. On most days, he could sleep for twelve hours straight if his mother didn't wake him up, and especially after smoking, the same was still true now in the basement. He had passed out on his mattress at around four in the afternoon, and was only stirring now, around ten, because he had to go to the bathroom. Guess this is karma for finishing off her Sprite... he thought, still feeling the weight of sleepiness in his body as he rubbed his hand over his face to try to slowly adjust to being awake. He had absolutely no idea how long he had been sleeping. Whether it was six o'clock in the evening, or six o'clock the next morning was beyond him. It wasn't completely dark, but then again, it never really was. Either the bathroom light was on, the one by the stairwell, or depressingly artificial glow of the main lights always seemed to be on in the basement. With so many people coming in and out at all hours of the night, it was impossible to leave everything off at once, so he was used to it. It didn't help his case right now though, but he also didn't care that much. It wasn't like he had a job schedule that he had to adhere to anymore. The only thing that he was curious about involving the time, was whether Lateefah's shift was over yet.

As he went to relieve himself, he noticed that she wasn't in her designated area of the basement which was a good sign, in his opinion. At least she wasn't asleep, where he'd get attitude for waking her up to insist she fulfill her promise that she'd mess around with him tonight. He didn't think that he had slept for that short of a period where her shift would still be hours longer, so, despite his body's please, he didn't lay back down on his mattress after leaving the bathroom. He wiped the cold water he had splashed on his face on his blanket, rolled a couple of swipes of deodorant on, and put his shoes back on. Before heading upstairs, he chugged one of the lukewarm beers that he had left, too used to the vile taste of the cheap, warm beer to even be bothered by it.

The bar itself wouldn't close for another couple hours, but Colton guessed by the looks of the place, that the kitchen was closing soon, if it hadn't already, and that was a good thing. It meant that Tee's shift would be over, and Colton didn't know if he was going to be able to wait to go anywhere besides that broom closet once she said she was ready. It had only been a week, but damn, it felt like a year. His hand clearly just didn't compare to the beautiful girl that he laid eyes on from across the room. For Colton, the initial attraction to Lateefah truly had just been in a lustful way. She was hot, and he was sure she would be a good time in bed. However, finding out that she was fiery and had a personality that was entertaining was just the icing on the cake. And then to learn that she was smart and motivated and caring, and all of that too, made it better. He wasn't the type of guy to get sentimental and claim that he cared about any girl's personality, and he likely still would have wanted Tee even if she was completely bland or bitchy, but this just made him want her more. "Tell me your shift is over already," he requested, walking up behind her with a grin. "I've got our whole date night planned. I'll take care of you, you take care of me, then we'll get pizza. And since my pullout game is so strong, I'll use our condom money for booze. Beer, vodka, rum? What're you in the mood for?"