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located in Sabrie, a part of Limerance, one of the many universes on RPG.




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❝… Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.❞


[Oh, Death]

Zero sent the vehicle hurtling down the rode, he blew past the speed limit and all was merely a blur. He was going to get Ren back no matter what cost. He had to. Then he'd kick his ass for all the trouble. He asked Maria where his brother was, his coordinates, anything.

She said it was at a park. Zero drove faster, a park? What was Ren doing there? Was the crazy Maddox there too? What the hell is going on? But he didn't have time to wonder for then he'd nearly crashed into a car and he swerved a sharp left. When was the last time he ever drove? Oh, right, never. Ren liked to drive, and Zero had only ever watched Dad or Mom, he knew where the key went, the gear shift, where you punch your foot in the darkness to move. There was never any time for learning.

So he'd learn today.

"Get the hell outta the road!" Zero swerved the rickety car before it struck a slow walker, and that person didn't even have the light. Or was it a being? Whatever, he continued driving until Maria announced the park was close and that he could make it on foot. Zero pulled her into the side walk, uncaring to the few others around that complained about his less than stellar parking skills. He stumbled out and ran.

And ran, through snow and slush, the ice freezing his sweat soaked shirt against him, and his eyes stared ahead the closer he got to a fountain, and the figure that lay in the snow.

"Ren?" The name choked from him and his boots clomped over slush and stone, sprayed wet icy snow over his jeans. The still form at his feet didn't react, much less stir. Pale hair flowed at the winds, snow curled into the folds of his coat. His eyes hidden beneath long lashes that caught tiny snow flakes.

"Zero, did you find him?" Maria asked, "Zero?"

Zero stopped dead, he stared, but Ren didn't wake. It felt like the world was grinding to a halt, his blood froze in him, he didn't breathe. He shattered into a thousand tiny pieces or at least that’s what it felt like. Zero dropped to his knees and stared. No. This couldn't be right. Yet, dark thoughts swirled around inside his head.

"Ren. Please."

Tears poured down his face, silent sobs rocked him. The world faded away from him, everything seemed like an inky black void. That was the only place for them now. Was he really gone, was he really dead? He reached out to take the boy into his arms, there was no warmth, no heart beat. But there was no blood either, no residual shock waves. Zero hugged him, "I'm sorry." He whispered, shaking.

"Zero, hey, I'm getting a screwy feed, I think I hear—" Her voice was interrupted by a sudden burst of crackling noice, Zero had to tear out the ear piece of he'd lose his ear drum.

Ren was.... Gone.

So why not retreat into the void of his own mind, no one could hurt him there. and most importantly he couldn’t upset anyone else anymore. Maddox did this didn't she? It was her Ren had been after, her he wanted to ventilate. And look where that lead him? Into the deep depths Zero could never reach. Lost. Again.

"Oh, my dear precious Knight..." A voice echoed from within him, from around him. And suddenly it was easier to let go. She was the reaper, her smile the scythe, "I've come to bring you home."