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located in A world much like our own., a part of SCION, one of the many universes on RPG.

A world much like our own.



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Character Portrait: Madison Lovette Character Portrait: Silas Whitmore
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Throughout the commotion that followed the phone being picked up, Madison waited patiently, moving his foot in slow, lazy circles as Silas dealt with his scaled companions. It was commonplace an occurrence enough that the vampire wasn’t particularly startled, and it was with his usual chipperness that he spoke once again.

“Well, first of all, hello Silas," he greeted. "I'm glad that I didn't catch you at a bad time, because, well, it turns our cryptid isn’t that...late after all. She apparently just hopped right back to life while Oren was trying to identify her. Caused quite the scene, from what I heard.” A laugh, as if the event was something just as normal as a drunken fight between two of their fighters.

“There’s been a few other...things that have happened, as well. Namely, Fel refusing to heal her in spite of her injuries. She acted completely out of character- just turned around and left her to die. Fel, of all people!” Madison paused, letting his words sink in, before continuing.

“And then Oren was mentioning how it seemed like she- the cryptid- had been turned. It’s just been quite the day, really. Our cryptid’s doing fine and all, but it’ll be some time before I get the chance to actually talk to her, and since you’re at base, I thought you might be able to look through the database and help us identify her species with what we found. You wouldn’t mind, right?”

While Madison doubted there would be much opposition to the idea- given that Silas had apparently been looking into potential identifications when he picked up- it was only courteous to make sure.