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located in Sabrie, a part of Limerance, one of the many universes on RPG.




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❝I'm not afraid, I'm brave enough.❞



Ren nodded, "Securing her and keeping that kid away from her is our best shot. Then we go after the bitch." Ren said, he smirked then, "Unless Zero gets her first."


Wrists shackled to the stone walls, Zero sighed with a shuddered breath. Dried blood stained what was left of his shredded shirt, his jeans full of rips and tears and underneath his flesh was caked in dirt, blood and sweat. No wounds. With every hit his way, sure the pain made him want to pass out but he resisted, his body kept regenerating over and over. The bitch liked to grab ahold of him in his sleep, that's when she struck gold. He wasn't having any of it.

"Tell me, why won't you yield?" Maddox purred, she stood statuesque before him, her crimson smile impeccable, her eyes shimmered in a challenge.

"Bite me." He said, then turned his head to spit out blood at her crocodile pumps.

She chuckled, "Hun, I already have and you're not so tasty."

"Yeah well, I'm not gonna be your chew toy."

"Silence." She said, then snapped her hand across his face.

Zero glared back at her, "Screw you, bitch."

She slapped him again, harder.

Zero laughed, "You can't make everyone your puppet, I bet that just pisses you off doesn't it?" Then he coughed and spat out blood. This wasn't good, he couldn't keep taking her hits. He's already slowing down. He pulled himself up, stood on unsteady feet.

"What is this, huh? Some kind of kinky, 'clamps and feathers' kind of thing you got going on with us? I mean I'm not even human and you want me to be your toy, apart of your freaky collection like you were trying with Loretta?" Zero said, he pulled at the chains, if he could yank at them hard enough they'd have to give. "Yeah, I know who you are Madame Maddox, see, I did my home work." He smirked, and even winked.

"I know, you just get your kicks off this huh, you that screwed up in the melon, so you beat and torture cuz let's face it, it's all you got left in you. Like it's some runners high? And when someone don't bend to your wishes, try to crack 'em open." He yanked at the chain, putting a real show. He could break them. Anytime. But he had to get under her skin too, he knew how torture worked. He just hoped he didn't cross too far into the deep end.

"Guess what sister, I'm not a fucking piñata. I won't break." He said this and looked her right in the eye, "Beat me with a wire hanger, it makes no difference." There was nothing left in the cards, in order to win this, he had to meet her at her level. The chill in him spread, he let it consume him. For a moment, just a moment, and hoped someone would bring him back from it.

From complete darkness.