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located in A world much like our own., a part of SCION, one of the many universes on RPG.

A world much like our own.



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Character Portrait: Alexander Wiseman Character Portrait: Christina Eberhart-Taroni
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Alexander Wiseman

Alexander sat in a chair in the corner of the room had his eyes shut as he focused on his other sense, more specifically he was paying attention to Arc's body temperature to try and gauge how far the transformation had gone. There were other methods to try and determine the current stage he was in, but for a vampire that easiest method was body temperature. Alex knew Arc would be out for a while still, but he was good to check his condition. Opening his eyes Alex took the blood bag that he brought in earlier and set up an IV line.

After having set the line up he went to wash his hands. It was during this that he remembered he had a phone call to make. Swiftly drying his hands he pulled his phone out of pocket and began to slowly work the thing to make a call back to the base's tech team. After waiting what seemed an age for the ringing to stop he smiled hearing a voice on the other end of the line. " Hello... could you get someone to pull the bank statements of all employees who work for the morgue in York city?...I need it for an investigation... Thank you" Alexander hung the phone up cutting the woman off on the other end. A money trail was always a good thing to follow and if this cult and some of the spies of the payroll there would be something to work off... though with his skills it might be better to let one of the others look through the records.

Leaving Arc in his room Alexander left to go join everyone else as he was certain Mr Avalon would want to have that talk soon. It was as he was making his way towards the main room for that purpose he spotted that back of Christina, though he was almost thrown since she had her hair down. " Christina... How are you feeling?" Alexander asked softly, in a tone that felt sincere