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Snippet #2651454

located in Booth Lane College, a part of Skins: Secrets Out, one of the many universes on RPG.

Booth Lane College



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Character Portrait: Arabella Swift Character Portrait: Jamie Chapman Character Portrait: Ellie Wallace Character Portrait: Nate Carlile Character Portrait: Skylar Grocott Character Portrait: Alex Robinson
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b e l l a


Bella smiled weakly at Alex and nodded. "Yeah, I guess it is and you're right about that. I only did one day of school and there were enough episodes to last me the year," She laughed rolling her eyes at the thought, she was joking around to try and reassure her subconscious everything would be okay but she couldn't shake the feeling of terror and the haunting burden of the ominous atmosphere. "Thanks though Alex, nice to know I didn't fuck up to royally," She shrugged running her hand through her cropped hair biting her lip with tension. She was worrying and she couldn't quite help it or hide it.

"Go get her tiger," She chimed to Nate jokingly leaning over to land a friendly punch on his arms to which he rolled his eyes. Upon the questioning of the ringing phone, Bella quickly realised it was her by the 'Adventure Time' ring tone. She might be one of the supposed 'tough' girls at school but she was still a sucker for shows like that, she didn't even care if they were on the Kids section of Netflix. She scrambled through her pockets to find it, praying it'd be Jamie telling her he was on his way back and she saw his name on her phone screen and with a trembling hand swiped to answer the call and began pacing away from the group to have the conversation more privately.

"Jamie?" She breathed anxiously. "Are you okay? I've been wo-"

She heard the tone of his voice and her heart stopped beating and fell into the darkest pits of her stomach where it sat swallowing her like it had the gravitational field of a supermassive black hole.

"You should be sorry, you absolute knob head," She whimpered her voice trembling with tears because even without his explanation she'd worked it out- his breathing was wrong, his voice was wrong- his words they didn't sound like him. They sounded like Bella when she called him after she fucked up. What was with it with the two of them and only ever calling each other because they were hurt.

"Are you okay? Where are you? I'm coming now. What's happened J?" Tears fell down her cheeks because she already knew the truth and the reality of the situation, she just couldn't face it. She disguised her voice and shouted to Alex.

"Jamie got lost, I'm going to go pick him up now. Might be a while if his car's packed in," She lied to protect Jamie because she knew he wouldn't want the fuss of everyone being there but no way would she not go after him now to be there for him. Whatever had happened was bad and he was hurt, she could tell by how his voice strained with agony. She ran to her truck and climbed in, too rushed to put her seatbelt on but still a considerate driver as she reversed out of the camp and made her way back on to the main road turning in the direction she'd watched Jamie go off in.

n a t h a n i e l


He tried to chuckle lightly at the conversation but he felt sick with anxiety but he swallowed back his fear and his pride and nodded. "I'll go now," He told Alex before giving Bella a reassuring smile to remind her no body was pissed because he knew how paranoid and insecure she got about these things- she confided in him once at school when she was a bit worse for the drink but she didn't seem to remember telling him, so he never told anyone else or brought it up.

"It'll be you Bell. My phone's in my car," He told her before wandering off to track down Ellie.

s k y l a r

Skylar laughed at Ellie shaking her head softly. "I do snore and I have a terrible habit of sleep talking, walking and god knows what else. I'm not perfect Ellie, I just fucked up enough times to know what's right to do now. I've learnt a lot of lessons to get where I am and none of them were particularly nice. Well, you've only known me five minutes- does my ability to constantly chatter not grind on you a bit?" She asked with a small snicker of a laugh and she sighed delicately. "I won't Ellie but you won't again either, you've got friends here and if you want you can count me in that- they'll keep you on the straight and narrow," She assured gently.

"And I won't but maybe giving him a quick punch wouldn't be so bad an idea," She suggested jokingly. "No don't punch him- he might get upset that you messed up his hair," She bounced onto her feet and smiled at Ellie assuringly. "It'll be fine, let's go," She chuckled.