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Snippet #2652198

located in Booth Lane College, a part of Skins: Secrets Out, one of the many universes on RPG.

Booth Lane College



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b e l l a


She took the phone in her hand running her finger over the cracks with a slight quiver. She was struck with horror and fear by what had happened, she didn't know how to react and god knows she wasn't sober enough to think. She looked at the woman was surprised by her kind offer- considering the situation. An overly skinny tattooed, black haired and intoxicated girl who smelt vaguely of smoke running over in tears, she hadn't expected any kind of sympathy or understanding from the other woman. Her hand was hovering over her mouth as she tried to calm herself down. He was hurt but it didn't sound like anything irreparable from what the woman said but every injury she'd listened had burnt into her mind with guilt of how she was technically responsible.

The camp out?
Her idea.

The booze?
She contributed.

The drama and tension?
Her mistake.

And she didn't stop him from leaving.

It weighed on her conscience like the sky was on her shoulders. "Would you really do that? Thank you. Thank you so much. I'd take myself but I can't. I've drank, I'd be fuc-, damned if I did," She mumbled rubbing her eyes with her hands to try and pull herself back together. "Thank you," She repeated quietly. She took a moment and turned her head trying to tranquilize the frenzy in her mind and she took a long deep breath.

"I'm Bella, I'm his- I don't know, I'm his best friend or something," She sighed, she'd finally managed to control her tears and she wiped them back and forced herself to calm. She'd be no good to anyone forget Jamie like this.

The story though, what happened it was so fucking Jamie- protecting an animal. Had the situation not been so dire, it's the kind of thing that'd make her fondly roll her eyes at his dedication and commitment. Bella was the same with animals and she cared for them but never to the same extent. She replayed what the woman had said in her head trying to focus on the things that could give her hope and relief- dislocated not fractured, broken but not definitely- bleeding but breathing. She was having to consciously stop herself from getting caught up in the scary things about it, she needed to be strong and calm somehow. She had to.

n a t h a n i e l


He looked at her sincerely for a long moment, he wasn't questioning her apology but he was simply questioning himself on if he deserved the apology and if he should ask for answers or leave everything be. He chuckled rolling his eyes a little when she explained; "I don't blame you," He replied gently with a shrug as she told him where his clothes were. "But if you wanted to see what I've got going on you only had to ask," He told her with a wink- he was very clearly joking and he knew Ellie would get that, he just wanted to keep the conversation as light and old school as how they were when their relationship was at it's norm.

"It's okay. I'm sorry for causing a scene at the gig, kind of funny actually- I was probably the only dude there without tattoo's snake bites and a scene hairstyle but I was the one to physically make a scene," He was thinking out loud and rambling so he stopped himself. "But hey, I know you and you don't like talking and you know me and I'm shit at it, so can we just clean slate, move along, forget about it and hug it or whatever the fuck people do now days," He asked calmly offering a small smile as he rolled his eyes at his own stupidity.

He passed her the first bag of sleeping bags and pillows for the tent and then grabbed the other himself. "Just the shit needed so that this lazy arsehole can still get 10 hours kip," He chided pointing to himself with his thumb.

s k y l a r

"Wow, that's pretty awesome to be honest. I'm glad that's working out for you," She told him with a positive smile being her overly friendly but genuine self now everyone was kind of relaxing again. "Sounds like you've got it all sorted really. I'm at college part time studying Physics- it's what I want to do at University and the rest of the time I do the modelling shit to keep the family happy," She shrugged looking slightly bored at the thought of modelling. It was clear she had no real passion or interest for it but she liked being able to earn her own money independently and keep up her Mother's reputation, she liked impressing her and living up to their expectations but she just didn't want to as much anymore as she had before when she was growing up.