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located in Booth Lane College, a part of Skins: Secrets Out, one of the many universes on RPG.

Booth Lane College



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b e l l a


She looked up at him and smiled sadly at his comment, her first instinct was to try and make a defensive joke to brush over things; "Hey, I know I've got no foundation on but still," but she instantly withdrew. He was right, how could she even try to pull the cotton over his eyes about this? It's not like she had any kind of harrowing, bad secret. It was just that she didn't know how to talk about it and she was scared of what might change if she did. She sighed in defeat and nodded to him gently.

She took a deep breath and nodded. "Okay Jamie. Just promise me you'll still be here if I tell you because no body needs this shit but honestly, I can't do without you. You know it yourself you're the only person I really care about anymore." She sighed quietly looking at him with such sad eyes it'd trouble even the most innocent hearts. She didn't want to have to tell him anything like this because she wasn't stupid- though she questioned if his feelings were in the same context as hers, they'd always been friends so he was bound to be bothered by the truth when he found out and she didn't want to put that on him.

"I know you never really met him properly but my Step-Dad, he left. He ran away and left me behind with her and she's, got so much worse, so, so much worse," She found herself subconsciously touching her cheek and wincing slightly at the sting, she pulled her hand away and frowned, glaring at it as it fell in her lap.

"And I've missed you like hell this week just to be frank and nothing I've said so far is very new, I know that and I'm at peace with it mostly but I guess we need to talk about what I said at the camp out don't we?" She questioned looking up at him. Could she tell him?

Could she really tell him like this?

Could she tell him at all?

She didn't want to talk about her Mother because then she'd have to explain her weight loss too and even when she had opportunities to eat now she could barely stomach it- not even the thought of it. It's like her stomach had just been completely crippled, then again maybe that's exactly what had happened but she couldn't talk to him about that because he'd want her to fix things and make things right again which she wouldn't mind but there'd be Doctors and questions and neither of those were things she could handle. So she mentioned the camp out as a kind of distraction and maybe it'd be good to get things out in the open, she was clinging on to some kind of false hope that he might understand and still be there for her but she knew better than to have so much faith.

n a t h a n i e l


"I will. I'll be as quick as I can be El. Just hold on for me okay? I'll be quick," He sighed with worry as Ellie hung up the phone, she sounded so upset he'd barely recognised her. He'd never even heard a story of Ellie crying like that, Bella maybe but not Ellie. Ellie was tough and resilient and that's what scared him the most out of all this. How bad must it be to make Ellie cry? It had to be something beyond terrible and for every new question and fear that entered his mind he put more and more pressure on his accelerator to try and get to her as quickly as he could. He had his suitcase in the car, so he knew he had a coat or jacket he could give her when he found her so he drove right there to find her and within 20 minutes, he was slowing down on Kings Road, his head turning as he looked for Ellie. When he spotted at the bus station, his heart kind of broke for her. He'd never seen her like this in all the years he'd known her, partied with her, fought with her, laughed with her and just generally go through life with her- he'd never even seen her close to this kind of low. He instantly climbed out the car, grabbing his hoodie from the back seat and he parked his car in a dodgy manner and ran over to her.

"Ellie, oh god Ellie- what happened?" He took the hoodie and wrapped it over her shoulders but once he saw she was still crying and so heavily, he simply wrapped his arms around her and held her in a tight embrace. "What's happened El? You scared me, y'know- you can tell me El, you know I'm here for you, you know that- always, I'm always here. What happened?" He was becoming increasingly emotional himself seeing his best friend in a state like this but he held up, he was strong for her because she'd taught him how to do that long ago. Hell, she was the strongest person he knew and that was why he knew it was really bad this time- whatever it was, it was bad and he already wished he could take whatever had happened away and that he'd been there to protect her from whatever had hurt her like this- that was his job as her friend, he was supposed to look out for her so she didn't ever have to feel like this.