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located in Booth Lane College, a part of Skins: Secrets Out, one of the many universes on RPG.

Booth Lane College



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Character Portrait: Arabella Swift Character Portrait: Jamie Chapman Character Portrait: Ellie Wallace Character Portrait: Nate Carlile
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b e l l a


She smiled sadly at his joke but her only real response was a delicate shrug; "You know what I meant," in a quiet and fragile tone Jamie would recognise as one she barely ever used. Bella was so fierce, determined and fiery it was rare to get this kind of sincerity out of her but it was the tone of voice she'd use if she was conversing with Jamie about something that was bothering him or when she was trying not to cry when Mufasa dies in the Lion King (which a known secret between the two is that it gets her every time.) It's the voice she uses when a tiny part of her has broken and she doesn't know where to find the missing chips of herself anymore. She didn't quite know how to explain her feelings for Jamie but she couldn't deny there was a port of her that would always be with him. He was by far the most important person in her life and someone she did truly love both as a friend and in the rare way that made her hurt with confusion and fear.

When he held his hand, she didn't hesitate to take it and she held on more tightly than she meant to but it was the small gesture that kept her grounded and gave her some familiarity and reassurance. "I will when the time is right Jamie, I'll reach out and make things better again but I can't do it yet. You know I've got nothing to fall back on but I do want to talk about it Jamie, I'm not sure how to explain things or what to say but if you think I know how your feel you're misguided because I'm confused J. There's things I've done and things that happened before that I haven't told you about, that I haven't told anyone and I will one day because I don't ever want to keep a secret from you but it's too much. And I just want to sit with you and tell you how I feel but I just don't know how to explain," She sighed gently focusing on his expression to his reaction, when she closed her eyes and thought about things she could remember the real dark days, when she'd play up all day at school and then come home and empty the medicine cabinet into her stomach to try and relieve herself from the pain of breathing and how so recently- was it six months? She'd tried again and it was all because of her Mother but she needed to tell him one day. It was too big to keep from him but it did feel right to tell him that at the same time.

"Fuck, look at me getting all emotional again huh? Think I've cried more this week than I have the rest of my life put together," She laughed gently trying to relieve them both a little somehow as she dabbed her eye with the back of her free hand. "It's ridiculous isn't it really? That there's girls like Sky with beauty, money and love at their finger tips and yet there's people like us with so much shit on our plates we can't see the china beneath it," She sighed rubbing her eye lightly before looking at him again.

n a t h a n i e l


He held onto her for a long moment and gently rubbed her back reassuringly. "It'll be okay Elle. What ever happened, we'll work it out, we'll fix it," He promised gently, he put a hand on her face to gently wipe away the tears there and he looked at her in all sincerity. "I promise Ellie, it'll all be okay," He told her and honestly, he meant it and he'd do everything he could to make sure he kept that promise. Maybe his ways were old fashioned and offensive to feminists but one thing everyone could appreciate was a man who kept his word and Nate was one of those men- no body could take that from him.

"Look, here's the plan okay? There's a diner down the road, I'll drive us there. I'll get you some food and then why don't you come back to my Grandparents with me? Then you can get a shower and a change of clothes off one of my cousins or something before you come. My Pops would love to see you, your family to them just as much as I am you know that. They'd love to see you and I think it'd be good for you to have some time to gather yourself a bit before you go home. You don't have to of course, it's just an offer but you know you are welcome," He told her honestly, he was so, so, so worried for her about what had happened the night before but she wasn't explaining herself and he wasn't going to force answers out of her especially when she was in such a state like this. They could talk later once she felt a bit better.