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located in Booth Lane College, a part of Skins: Secrets Out, one of the many universes on RPG.

Booth Lane College



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Character Portrait: Arabella Swift Character Portrait: Jamie Chapman Character Portrait: Ellie Wallace Character Portrait: Nate Carlile
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b e l l a


She listened to him in content and the more he spoke, the closer her lips came to that quirked smile of her until it settled softly on her expression. She rolled his eyes a little at his comment about her dancing but shrugged her shoulders softly. "I'd hope so considering how many late shifts I've done to pay my classes," She scoffed gently, looking down at the person who couldn't simply just be defined as her best friend because he was so much more too.

"Yeah, you're right actually J. I'd say as always but I'm the one who's always right here," She teased gently. "Hey maybe one day we can write a song about the stupid knob who nearly killed himself trying to save a deer. That's so you, y'know? I should have figured out straight away you'd be saving the world one furry friend at a time" She sighed lightly.

"Promise me next time I have to break in to come see you it won't be in a hospital and also promise to listen to me because I'm always right," Although she was overwhelmed with happiness and relief to see him, she hated having to see him like this all strapped up to wires and injured. She'd have genuinely swapped places with him if she could have.

"God can you imagine? You remember what I was like when we first met right? Freshly expelled from a private boarding school, fighting everyone who gave me a reason to think I had a reason to kick off- it'd be like that all over again but with some extra witty comments considering all the wisdom I've gained over my years," She realised as she spoke that there was one thing both her and Jamie were mostly definitely guilty of- black comedy. Talking about the things troubling them with random punch lines and good humour, so neither of them would have to really admit quite how emotional they felt. After a while she sighed, leaning her head against the chair.

n a t h a n i e l

He looked at her for a moment when she admitted she needed a friend but didn't verbally react, honestly he was surprised by two things; firstly the fact that she'd confessed to needing somebody's help but secondly, by the idea that somebody actually needed him. No body had ever said that about him- even if it wasn't him specifically but just him to fill a role. Nobody did- it was the price of being a dead beat but he smiled softly at her nodded. "Well I'm here El. I've got it all covered okay?" He assured. He guided her over to the car and opened the door for her before climbing round to his own seat and sitting down inside, turning the air conditioning right up in temperature to try and warm the car up to take the edge off the chill he imagined she must have.

"You don't need to thank me El. It's me, it's Nate- you know I'll always be there to do these things, it's why you called me," He pointed out as he put the key back in the ignition and brought the vehicle to life as the aged engine crackled slightly with the effort of starting up but reliable as ever, they were soon going and he drove the way slightly further down town to a local diner.