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located in A world much like our own., a part of SCION, one of the many universes on RPG.

A world much like our own.



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Character Portrait: Madison Lovette Character Portrait: Silas Whitmore
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“I plan on getting a volunteer to keep an eye on the cryptid when I’m not speaking with her. While she seems peaceful, I don’t want to put things to chance in a situation like this.” Keeping the phone tucked between his chin and shoulder, Madison rose and made his way over to the computer situated in the corner of the room. After blowing some of the dust off the thing, he sat himself down and began to work, typing up an email to his bespectacled coworker.

“We actually had to patch her up right now- poor thing was in tatters when we got to her- and, well, while I didn’t exactly get a chance to take any pictures or anything like that, I did get a good view of her anatomy. Of course, you’ll probably want to speak more to Oren about that, but…” He took a moment to delete what he supposed was a fairly unnecessary piece of information, before changing his mind and keeping it.

“At any rate, we’re certainly dealing with something very interesting here. I don’t have all the little details of what happened during the mission and all, but Derrick’s bringing us all together in a bit so everyone can explain. He actually had to put the safe house on lockdown for now, so with any luck I can learn the rest, but for now...there.” With a flourish, Madison pressed down upon the enter key, sending the bright blue loading bar flashing upon the screen for a few moments before fading.

Upon the document was a general synopsis of what he had heard, as well as Madison’s own observations; how he overheard the apparent involvement of a wolf pack, the resilience of the cryptid, her almost reptilian eyes...Any little tidbit of information that he could think up, the vampire had added onto the document.

Logging out of his account, Madison stepped away from the desk and took a moment to properly grip his phone. “You should be getting it soon, but, again, I’ll go ahead and update you when things are properly settled. Can you call in, by any chance? You could just listen in to the whole thing.”