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located in Booth Lane College, a part of Skins: Secrets Out, one of the many universes on RPG.

Booth Lane College



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Character Portrait: Arabella Swift Character Portrait: Jamie Chapman Character Portrait: Ellie Wallace Character Portrait: Nate Carlile
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b e l l a


"Hey! Maybe you could be the next Dave Grohl, remember when he did the 'Broken Leg' tour last year? We could do 'the broken ribs' tour," She joked gently grinning at him softly, making every effort she could to create a positive, hopeful and enjoyable atmosphere for him because no one considered a hospital to be a happy place- not a soul in the world, especially not a patient. She was always very aware of that Jamie's parents were hardly the entertaining sort and from Bella's personal experience, the nurses were complete and utter bitches so she had taken the responsibility herself of bringing some kind of brightness into Jamie's hospital room but talking about music reminded her of something especially important and her eyes widened suddenly like they would before she said something intellectual in class, like when she took everything that one step further in Philosophy for English Literature and everybody stared at her in confusion for a long while before they caught up.

"Jamie, when the crash happened- the woman gave me your phone, before I gave it to your parents a few days into you being here, I tried to get it fixed but they told me it was totally fucked- like beyond fucked and I felt pretty bad that I hadn't found a way in to see you and that Ellie and Nate had found excuses to not even try and the Nurses are vile to be frank and have vulgar taste in lipstick- so I figured, it'd be pretty shit around here. So I dug out one of my old iPods and synced it for you- I mean it's all the music off my laptop because funnily enough I don't have a random copy of your database but a lot of our music overlaps and plus I still have a shit ton of old videos and photos on there from when we first started hanging out that are hilarious, I nearly had a seizure laughing at some of them. We were such dicks but there was that and there's some stupid games on there too but voila, consider it my I'm really sorry I got myself banned from the hospital and left you to endure social interaction on your own present," She rambled before passing him a metallic blue iPod with a pair of earbuds. "And oh those are the earbuds you lent me a couple of weeks ago and I forgot I had, so there you go- sorry I forgot," She chimed with a small laugh. "Sorry the delivery took so long," She added gently.

She'd been nervous about doing this for him because she felt like it was kind of pathetic but if she was in hospital by herself, there'd be two things she wanted; to see Jamie and music and she realised, at least one of those things would be the same for Jamie so she'd wanted to do anything she could.

"And because I'm an amazing best friend, I brought vegan chocolate too. I figured you'd be starving in here being the eco warrior you are so you better love me for this because do you have any idea how hard it is to find that anywhere?" She asked him taking the bar out of her bag and grinning gently at him. "I know none of this is going to mend those bones of yours but I thought it'd help make the time pass or hoped at least, I don't know," She sighed shrugging gently.

n a t h a n i e l


He listened to her very closely when she talked about her family because such a conversation was rare with Ellie and he treasured every bit of information she ever trusted him with. "I'll have a chicken burger please with a Corona if you've got one," He ordered after Ellie, only ordering a beer because he hadn't drank at all and it was something he could consume and still be under the limit. He just wanted the psychological relaxation of drinking alcohol even if it wouldn't have the slightest physical effect on him. The waitress scribbled the order down and then disappeared which is when Nathaniel turned to Ellie with a more serious expression.

"Do you want to talk about it then Ellie or do you want to leave it? I don't mind but I need you to know, one, that you can tell me anything- I'm still here now and I always will be and two, I'm not going to judge or scrutinize or anything- I just want to be there for you, so if you want to talk- we can talk, that's all I'm going to say on the matter. Okay?" He asked her softly and very sincerely, looking over at her with an intense but soft and caring gaze. He really wished he could do something that would make all of her problems go away because Ellie wasn't a bad person, sure she could be a bitch sometimes but she was good at heart and she was one of few people who'd ever showed Nate any real respect- yeah, no one was horrible to him but no body respected him, because he wasn't academic he was only ever met with patronising remarks and ridicules. However none of that mattered because he couldn't make it all go away because the reality of the situation was that he didn't even have a clue where the problem began, he didn't have even the most vague idea about anything so what he could do except give her a shoulder to cry on and make sure she was always safe and had what she needed to look after herself?