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located in Atlantic City, a part of Attack On Olympus: The Siege, one of the many universes on RPG.

Atlantic City



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Character Portrait: Lola Cervantes Character Portrait: Aaron Maxson
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Maxson nearly shot her a warning look. That would have been a far bigger tell, however, and instead he grinned wolfishly.

"I'll be in contact, cinnamon." He spun on his heel and set off towards the other side of the earthen mound at a jog. He didn't bother to try and sneak around. There would be no use in that. His mind ticked off the distance until he knew he had tripped the seismic motion sensors in place around the compound. In the next five seconds he would be under drone surveillance. There would be no mistaking his trademarked duster streaming behind him. No mistaking the smile plastered on his face. The smile of a wolf, of a predator with the scent of fresh blood in his nostrils.

He threw back the side of his duster, gripping the MSMC firmly, bringing up into a ready position as he flicked the safety off. As he progressed closer to the mound, the ground suddenly seemed to fall away from in front of him. There was no cover. There was no where to run except into the opening maw of combat. The camouflaged entrance of the compound fell away, giving way to a descending concrete roadway, allowing vehicular travel to and from the main gate underground. Several armed IES agents were already present, positions of cover taken behind armored Humvees.

"Shit." Maxson had time to curse, before a fusilade of lead chased at his trailer duster where he'd stood a moment before. He felt hot lead rip through his flowing garment, felt the scorching heat and then the rising tide of pain as another skimmed over his ribcage. He didn't feel it break, and had escaped with a painful but bloody graze. He gritted his teeth, dropping into a slide as he transferred his momentum forward.

Sliding on concrete was far from optimum, and he wouldn't be carried far or for very long. He wasted no time as he reached into his duster and palmed a surprise from the stash he secreted away in his safehouse. The disk shaped stunner flew in a tight trajectory, propelled by his expert arm and the proper snap of his wrist. It detonated in the descending tunnel with a satisfying concussive bang that hurt Maxson's ears, despite his covering them at the last second.

He didn't have time to waste as he rose to his feet, pumping hard with his toned legs, closing the distance between himself and the momentarily disabled gunners.