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located in True Cross Academy, Fidel City, a part of Equipoise, one of the many universes on RPG.

True Cross Academy, Fidel City

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The Finale Pt One

Ryuu Shosuke

She watched as her fellow comrade was escorted away. Well actually it was more like dragged away as Nathaniel began to hiss and scream and struggle against the cloaked men. Ryuu knew she only had a short time frame of when he arrived at the headquarters and when they finally interrogated him. She definitely had to get him before they started that. If they did, it wouldn’t stop at just asking him questions. The Academy will surely move onto experimentation so that they may test the limits of Nathaniel’s powers. While Ryuu was unaware of what exactly he was, that didn’t mean she couldn’t help him. The power that one could gain from using those orbs is unknown at this point but Ryuu had the feeling that it was enough to really make the Academy push to obtain them. Those orbs were souls after all. Who knows what power a solidified soul held.

With that in mind Ryuu left the cell that had just contained her friend. Fiery red orbs locked onto a pair that seemed to douse that fire. Colter, unlike Ryuu, was not as trusting of Nathaniel as she was. Then again he never met the man until today so that came to no surprise to the Dragon Exorcist. They both knew the plan they were about to enact was pretty damned dangerous and they needed to move fast. The once student and teacher pair exited the building, keeping watch of their surroundings. “You know we only have about an hour to get this done right?” He glanced sideways at his student with an apathetic expression, or just one that was tired. Colter always seemed tired with those dark rings under his eyes. Ryuu on the other hand was bright and attentive. The two always contrasted against each other, making them the talk of the Academy when they were teacher and student.

“Yeah I know. There’s actually someone that I want to get. Although he has little control over it, his power is to be reckoned with. He might serve well as a distraction.” she said with little concern. Colter chuckled to himself. “What?” Shaking his head, he rubbed his chin. “I never expected you of all people to actually treat your students as if they were just assets. Maybe your more like me than you thought” The red head frowned upon hearing this. Her teacher had always been like that and she had vowed a long time ago that she would never do the same but he was right. She took away more from him than she had thought. After that had been said, the two were blanketed in silence. There wasn’t much to be said that they hadn’t already covered.

As they continued to walk in silence they weren’t exactly walking around aimlessly. A head of blonde appeared in front of them but it would seem he was talking with someone. A stranger it would seem but that didn’t stop the two from approaching them/ “Julius. Sorry to intrude but you need to come with us.” She glanced over at the man who her own student had been with, giving him a quick glance over before focusing her attention back on Julius. Colter on the other hand gave the black haired man a cold stare. There was something definitely off about this man but the Sleeping Exorcist couldn’t put his finger on it. Regardless of whether Julius had said yes, Ryuu hooked her arm through the blondes and led him away.

She made sure he was between her and Colter to ensure that he wouldn’t break away. They needed him for something and that something was rather important in what they planned on doing. “Nathaniel Jenova has been taken in for “interrogation”. He is not human, but the things he can do cannot be left in the hands of those who have him. In saying this, we are going to get him out of there.” Ryuu’s explanation wasn’t much but it more or less gave the gist of what it was they were going to do. “You will be aiding us as a distraction. I’m sure you’d be very pleased to have me say that you’re familiars are very strong however you have little control over them. For what we’re about to do though, control won’t be an issue.” All the while Ryuu kept her eyes up. Constantly looking around to make sure they were being followed.

“Have you located him yet?” he asked, referring to his old student’s familiar and Nathaniel. Ryuu didn’t answer with words instead she led them to a two story building. Colter looked up and grunted. “I’m going to assume the rest of it is below ground.” The red head glanced at him and nodded. “Alright time to get started.” The trio burst through the doors, alerting the people inside that they had unwanted company.