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located in Booth Lane College, a part of Skins: Secrets Out, one of the many universes on RPG.

Booth Lane College



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b e l l a


She laughed softly shrugged. "Let's just call the hug an I.O.U then because I don't want to be responsible for breaking the rest of your ribs," She told him light heartedly, so relieved to see she had done some kind of good and brought some kind of light around for him but when he announced there was no kind of vegan food in the hospital, she genuinely looked quite horrified as if she might genuinely get up and go say something to the nurses.

"You are kidding me right? They don't do anything vegan? What the fuck? I'll drop some hints to your parents and do what I can. That's not fair- would they make a Jewish person eat pork? Or make a pregnant women eat pate? Or a lactose intolerant eat a fucking baby bel, I bet they bloody wouldn't," She vented folding her arms in a childish mannerism that only proved how that news came to her in distaste. "I'll fight them," She joked. "I might be 5,4 and incapable of opening heavy doors but I will fight them with my stealth and midgetness," She insisted smirking a little in good humour.

"Oh Jesus, I thought she looked like something out of 'Orange is the New Black' and to be fair, this place is kind of like a prison in one sense- just with much shinier interior designs," She shrugged, looking to him with soft eyes when he thanked her. "Don't thank me, honestly it was just kinda nice to have something to do- I couldn't sleep the other night so sitting up and doing something productive felt pretty great and oh yeah, I made a playlist of recommendations- you can give me feedback next time I feel like breaking into a hospital," She told him. She turned around because she heard the sound of a voice just outside the door and her eyes widened a little but she raised a finger as if to tell him, she had an idea. She then dashed to the other side of the room and squeezed herself into a fairly hidden gap between a cabinet and set of equipment and as the Nurse returned into the room she had both hands clamped over her mouth to hold back the laughter threatening her and her body squirmed a little at one point but she gained some self control and stopped herself, biting her tongue harshly to keep herself grounded. She wasn't quite sure what had given her the idea to hide but she figured that was better than getting escorted out by security again, she really wasn't very happy about that one. On her way out the building she'd been shouting that she'd only give them two stars on 'TripAdvisor', she hadn't been amused at all but her way of dealing with pain had always been black comedy and dry humour. She watched the Nurse walk over to Jamie and address him and Bella bit her tongue.

"Jamie right? Right so, your blood tests have just been sent off and we'll give you the results of those as soon as we have them, it could be a couple of days though and in a couple of hours another Nurse will be in to change your cast and bandages..." With an arched brow she noticed the iPod and chocolate and she looked at him. "Have you had any visitors today then?" She asked in a tone which created the atmosphere of being in a sweaty examination hall and almost drew a reaction out of Bella who again had to bit her own tongue and a sudden flood of warmth and pain revealed to her, that she'd actually managed to tear the tissue a slight bit and she inwardly groaned but nothing audible.

n a t h a n i e l


He listened to everything she said and predictably, it was all very vague but he focused on every last word and then smiled at her reassuringly when she was done, nodding in understanding and patiently waiting till she'd said her piece to speak and once she had, he let it be. He understood now just like he always had, even when he was in the dark- he could understand why.

"Okay Ellie, I get it. But if there is ever anything I can do, you know you only need to ask me yeah? You don't have to do everything on your own and having help- doesn't make your weak, it makes you honest. Except maybe when you've done any homework for me and I've said it's my own work but still," He added the joke softly to try and keep her smiling, keep her positive even when she'd obviously landed in a slightly darker place within her life.

"Ellie, how could I and when have I ever been mad with you?" He responded to her honestly and the question wasn't rhetorical and he was making a true point although Ellie had a tendency to mess him around a fair amount, he never reacted- Sky hadn't been a reaction to falling out with Ellie, he'd been lonely and made a friend. Sleeping with her, he probably would have done regardless of his status with Ellie because he was a guy, a single guy in college- most guys would have. Nothing he'd done had ever been to make a point to Ellie and spite her.

"Your welcome Els, thank you for putting up with a loser of a completely different quartile of intelligence to you- that particular loser very much appreciates having a friend as intelligent, individual and interesting as you. That same loser also just managed to use a literary persuasive technique called alliteration successfully for the first time in his entire existence but realises it was about time to stop talking in the third person because it's quite creepy," He rambled away for a moment and just smiled at her softly in reassurance before their drinks were brought to the table and gratefully accepted his Corona and took a small mouthful from the bottle before leaning back with a gentle sigh.

"Forgetting the circumstances, I'm actually really glad you called me because eating Diner food with my nearest and dearest friend, really beats smoking on a rotting fence watching cows. Cows are the first thing I've found that isn't funnier after smoking pot. Kind of gutted," He told her, the waitress shot him a judgemental stare and he rolled his eyes a little before looking at Ellie. "There goes her tip," He joked lightly.