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Snippet #2654907

located in The Shinobi World, a part of Naruto: Root of All Evil, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Shinobi World



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Character Portrait: Tamazaki Shinso Character Portrait: Ran
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"Don't concern yourself too much about that technique. I owe it fully to Lord Danzo and thus I consider it his. But if you must know, it was a sealing technique, where i temporarily sealed you inside me and me inside my kunai, dropping it into the river. Nothing special if you ask me, but can come in handy for me in certain situations." Shinso said, thinking he already told her way too much, while continuing to scout for sand ninjas following them. A kunai is difficult to see dropping, but the question is whether or not they saw them swimming to the shore, Shinso thought. "Chances are that they don't know we're here, as they were still fighting when I dropped the kunai, but we don't know for sure." Shinso said, not taking his eyes away from the ledge from where they were ambushed.

Apparently the girl didn't fancy staying here forever, and again without warning, she used another earth technique to conceal their whereabouts. "Again you act swiftly and without hesitation." Shinso remarked, though the comment was two sided. He did think she had taken the right choices until now, but didn't like anyone just acting without giving it a proper thought or warning first. He considered it juvenile and believed it could endanger the teammates of the reckless ninja doing so. But Shinso rarely voices such matters, as he chose to compensate for such things by hanging back a couple of feet more, securing him extra time to dodge, if things went wrong. Also this was hardly the time for such trifle matters.

Water users? She seemed to find that remark funny, though Shinso couldn't really figure out why. And talk, in this situation? But granted, the mission had to be reevaluated so communication was important, though exchanging names and pleasantries seemed out of place. "I'm Uchiha Madara." Shinso said and looked her dead in the eyes, examining her reaction to his provocation, deciding he could just as well tell her. "Hmm... how did you end up in The Root being this reckless and curious?" Shinso asked, removing his lion shaped mask in order to wipe his glasses dry. "I'm Tamazaki Shinso, and I guess this is the part where I ask your name also?" he said, though still not too keen about this kind of small talk.

"There is definitely something funny going on. We've been ambushed, and Lord Danzo won't take kindly to this kind of failure. It could have been someone within the team, the tracker ninja being the most obvious, though unfortunately for that theory he is dead." Shinso said, satisfied that the conversation were back to the matter of hand. "Obviously it was the sand ninja's ambush, but you're saying you think someone else is behind this? As far as I know, the bloody mist have usually never had any real allies. And also I never as much as felt the faintest of chakra signatures, which could indicate we were tracking some ninja, but I don't know what that means, though I'm all for finding out. How do you reckon, we get back up there the easiest? Do we just run up the side of the wall." Shinso asked.