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Season of Giving 2020

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Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅

Snippet #2655105

located in Booth Lane College, a part of Skins: Secrets Out, one of the many universes on RPG.

Booth Lane College



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b e l l a


She laughed gently at his 'Peter Pan' comment- it was one of her favourite films after all. "I could so be Peter Pan, just with better style I reckon- I never really got the whole leaf jeans thing," She replied softly running a hand through her freshly washed black locks with a short smile. "Oh my god but no body is more immature than a stoned Nathaniel Carlile- that doesn't even count, that's a whole new level," She sighed grinning gently.

Though her smiled became more consistent and warm when he said she'd cheered him up and honestly, that touched her heart because that was all she'd wanted to do. That was exactly what had dragged her onto her feet this morning from whatever dark corner of their town she'd been hiding in, to face up to her Mother (again)- she'd done it all so she could be here with him today and try and make anything she could happier or even just more bearable for him, anything as long it helped him.

"Good, that's all I wanted to do," She told him honestly, looking over to catch his eye for a moment as she spoke simply because he wanted him to understand she meant every word she'd ever said.

"I'd genuinely try if you want me to," She replied and it was true. Bella really would try and hide under the bed, if he told her to- she'd do it in a heartbeat because that's just how he was- she was the one person who did all those crazy things people joked about doing but knew better than to try. "I'm already wanted out here- what more can they do hey?" She scoffed smirking mischievously before it crumpled as she broke down into laughter.

n a t h a n i e l


"You think I won't but you really should know better by now Els," He looked at the balloon, the waitress and then Ellie and smirked at her cockily before nodding. "You are so on," He told her looking a mixture of pleased with himself and completely entertained. He turned around and looked at her before winking mockingly; "anything to make you laugh love," He joked rolling his eyes at himself before he walked off to where the balloons were being kept and he snuck one whilst the staff weren't paying any attention to him before rushing back over to their booth and plopping hiself down in his seat looking satisfied.

"And so it begins," He told her, he carefully unknotted the balloon pinching it so no helium was lost before bringing it to his lips and sharply inhaling but not the full amount- he wanted to save some for when the waitress came back.

"Hello," He squeaked- his voice higher than a girl scout's and then laughed out loud but with the helium it made him sound like an animated Disney character. "Oh holy shit- I sound like foetus Justin Bieber," His eyes lit up with the passion that he only ever had when it came to his bad ideas, pot or pranks and with another quick breath of helium in his lungs, he began to sing; "Like baby, baby, baby oooh," By this point he was genuinely in stitches at the sound of himself and his whole body seemed to crease as he fell back a bit against the booth howling.