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located in Booth Lane College, a part of Skins: Secrets Out, one of the many universes on RPG.

Booth Lane College



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b e l l a


"oh it's take a lot more than that J, don't be stupid," She laughed softly smiling at him but she tried to stop herself because she was worried she was making things too obvious when she was around him. She looked at him for a moment and realised just how much she admired him because even know in bandages and hospitalised he was still smiling and laughing even though everything outside their friendship in their lives seemed to be falling a part and sometimes even know they seemed to struggle when Bella got too caught up in her feelings and feels the need to isolate herself to a degree to hold herself back.

She sighed at the mention of school, the truth was she hadn't done a full day at school since the party- she's only gone in for her music lessons and philosophy and occasionally art because she felt like she needed. Perception and spirituality more than ever at this moment in her life with Jamie away and her Mother so...hard to live with but her attendance was below 70% and she'd get pulled up for it soon- maybe even excluded.

"Well, I've actually been going in for a start," She lied because if Jamie knew she wasn't at school, he'd be concerned and he didn't need that on top f everything else at the minute. "I finished that piece in Art- the deamentor from Harry Potter but now whatshername- that blonde Netball captain bitch, she thinks I'm insane and I made up deamentors. I actually haven't explained it to anyone, I told everyone from Music they could go fuck themselves with a pineapple and I still wouldn't tell them somebody's else's business. I might have called our philosophy teacher a ' c u next tuesday' because she accused us of asking for trouble like this anyway and people stopped trying to ask me after that. I'm sorry I just thought you'd rather tell the people you wanted to know yourself when you come back y'know," She explained gently. "Oh and Cassidy asked me if we fucked in a tent- apparently that's a rumour going round now but you can imagine my response to that- it was colourful to say the least, people are so rude. Like so what if we did? It's no their business, I mean I know we did not of course but if we had- why do they care?" She asked raising her arms in the air looking ever so offended and almost passionate about her small vent. She told him these stories because they were the onl laughable ones, she missed out the questions that we're raised in the dance changing rooms when a girl noticed her scars and bruises because she slipped whilst taking off her jeans. She missed out the part where she went to the headmaster's office for her language towards their pho sloppy teacher or every time her Mother beat her over skipping a lesson. She didn't tell Jamie because right now he didn't need to know and she'd tell him when he was stronger but for now, she had to be the strong one for a while and she could do that- she could do that for him and his sake.

n a t h a n i e l

Nate clamped his mouth shut to try and stop himself laughing, his body rippling slightly and his expression creasing in a suspicious and recognisable manner. He looked over at Ellie having to turn around as she spoke to the waitress to inhale more helium before turning around to the waitress and grinni; "Everything is crackalakin' thank you very much as my dear idol Chris Rock would say," His voice rang like a prepubescent primary school boy but at the same time it was so much worse it wouldn't even be believable at that age. Other customers were looking at them with a disapproving locks of distaste and disgust but Nate couldn't have given a toss, he was still laughing and he genuinely thought he might even cry because he couldn't stop any more, it all just poured out of him- honest, genuine and happy laughter. The kind of hysterics that were completely contagious and would made everyone else want to laugh and join in even when they didn't think you were funny and his foolish grin was so innocent and child like it was hard to be mad or be irritated by him. After a few moments of heavy chuckling, the helium's effects wore off and he sighed rubbing the corner of his eyes were genuine moisture had arisen- his eyes threatening tears and his whole body cringed because of it as he finally calmed down from the minute of amusement.

Grinning he sighed shaking his head a few moments later. "I don't remember the last time I laughed like that," He admitted running his hands through his hair to fix it from where it's been spoilt during his fit of hysterics. He didn't even know if the waitress was there or not anymore, he just couldn't ground himself properly. "Fucking hell Ellie," He groaned after a while of shaking his head.