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located in The Shinobi World, a part of Naruto: Root of All Evil, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Shinobi World



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Character Portrait: Tamazaki Shinso Character Portrait: Ran
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It seemed the details had been agreed upon, and Shinso nodded at Ran. Time to start the preparations. Ran was to do the heavy work with the setup and bring them on top of the ledge using her earth labyrinth jutsu which would obviously drain her of a lot of chakra. Once there, the deal was to throw shinso at a lone target and for Shinso to immobilize him or her. This seemed easy enough though these things hardly ever go as planned - and especially when you work with someone you haven't been working with before. It was not that Shinso was skeptical about Ran's abilities, he had seen enough to know, that she was skilled and strong, and maybe even stronger than himself. But when Shinso was going to seal himself into that shuriken, he crossed a border than not even trust would usually have him cross. He had never sealed himself inside anything while someone knew. Because once inside that thing, he was exactly as vulnerable as the object he sealed himself inside was. But he wasn't doing this because of trust, but because it was a desperate situation - for both of them. This was both his motivation and guarantee.

Ran's attention to detail when constructing the tunnel was meticulous to say the least. Her silence told everything Shinso needed to know about her concentration level, and even though this tunnel wasn't particularly stable, it seemed to hold and lead them in the right direction. Well, Shinso guessed they were going in the right direction, as he had no sense of direction inside the pitch black tunnel, and after having crawled under the river the only thing he knew, was that they were ascending upwards and were going to reach the sunlight again at some point. But after having stopped a few times, still silent, she turned to Shinso and told him, that there was possibly one right above them. "I hope you can count." Shinso said thinking he did not want to take on more than one at a time, though actually pretty amazed by her sensing skills. "Just a moment, and I'll be ready." Shinso said and took a deep breath as he received the shuriken she gave him and inspected it with his hands. "It's unusual I seal myself into anything that is not mine and even more unusual I give it back to someone who knows I'm in there." he said and paused. "Whatever you do, don't throw it into fire, right?" Shinso said as the last thing before he sealed himself inside the Shuriken, and disappeared from the tunnel in a flash.

Being sealed inside the shuriken did not hamper his mind, though time always did seem to flow differently in there. As if it was not actually something which influenced the world inside the seal. But none the less, Shinso was able to feel, grasp and even somehow see things outside while sealed inside things, though the feeling was more of a hunch than a sense and the seeing was more like a blurry, twisted image of reality, as if he was watching the world outside with composition of the element he was sealed inside as a filter. Glass would be extremely clear, while iron made for poor visibility, but because of less diffraction from light, a lot easier to discern objects when moving with great speed.

And just when he somehow expected it, an uncertain amount of time after he noticed light outside, he left the chakra signature of Ran, and was carving through the air, and just in that given moment, Shinso released himself from the shuriken mid air. Simultaneously he released a wire string with a kunai tied to the end of it out of his right arm, aiming for the right side of the targeted ninja, as he himself was moving to the left side holding the other end of the wire string. The shuriken was aimed flawlessly it seemed, as it hit the ninja in the shoulder distracting him or her from the wire string approaching the ninja's throat, as Shinso, still in forwards motion, flew past the ninja to the left, sending the ninja tied to a nearby tree by the throat, as Shinso cast another wire string in the opposite direction, binding the upper body and arms of the ninja. The plan worked. Not perfectly, but it was enough. Aiming for the throat was the right tactic, as the ninja would instinctively throw his or her hands up to guard teh throat, effectively ruling out any opportunity of counterattacking or screaming, leaving Shinso to make the next move, whether it be further binding or outright killing.

This ninja was lucky, it being just binding. Well, lucky was maybe not the word, seeing as if she had already broken her leg, the half done shin laying a couple of meters from the tree she was now bound to, desperately trying to breath despite of the wire strings around her throat making that difficult. Also the pain from the shuriken wound to her shoulder probably wasn't making it easier. Shinso caught himself observing her struggling for a short moment. What kind of feeling was this? Was this what you called "pity"? Shinso shook his head. No, she was just an enemy and her mistakes had lead her to this. "Today is not your lucky day. How the rest of it is going to be, you decide." Shinso said as he swiftly ripped of her Sunagakure bandages cloaking her head, tying them around her head and mouth, before releasing the wire strings around her throat, binding her hands in front of her with that, before releasing the other wire string, tying it around her torso as an extra precaution. Apart from the twitching of pain when Shinso thew her up on his shoulder to carry and her, no doubt from the broken leg, she seemed incapable of resisting, and Shinso hurried back to Ran behind the bushes, bowing down on the knee with the captured girl over his shoulder. "Let's go!" Shinso said, hoping Ran had preserved some chakra to get them underground. "Let's see if this half dead girl has something to say."