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located in Pine Field, a part of Dark Stars, one of the many universes on RPG.

Pine Field



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Character Portrait: Trevor Field Character Portrait: Brooklyn Anderson
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Throughout the entire funeral Trevor fidgeted with his tie. Trevor was never one for formal wear, and even if it was a funeral he wasn't going to go all out. He wore a simple white dress shirt with a black tie underneath his leather jacket, and a simple pair of blue jeans. Though unlike his usual jeans that he wears these weren't torn. It was a funeral after all. Really the biggest reason he was there, other than being forced there, was to pay his last respects to his brother. He never cared much for his father, and isn't going to pretend he did even in death. While he did get along fairly well with Jake.

The funeral dragged on for what seemed like forever. He would occasionally look around at those who attended, taking particular note of Brooklyn Anderson, the daughter of one of the council members. She seemed rather uncomfortable at the funeral, not that he could blame her. He wasn't exactly in his element either. As the funeral came to an end, and he began to feel the barrage of well wishers as they left. And it finally came to the last well wishers, Mr. Anderson, and his daughter Brooklyn.

"Uh...thanks for the sympathy....Brooklyn." He replied with a slight smile. "I know how....uncomfortable these things can be." He gave her a slight nod, unsure what else to say. "I' you around I guess."

"Master Trevor, you have a visitor." Was the first thing that Trevor heard as his butler, Nathan woke him up. Trevor groaned as he got up, and stretched his limbs out, making popping, and cracking noises. "Hey what did I tell you about that Master crap? It's just Trevor, you don't need to treat me any different then some average Joe." Trevor sighed as he got out of his bed.

While he was encouraged to take the master bedroom, which was his father's, Trevor decided to just take his old one. It would be too weird for him. "So who's climbed Mount Olympus to see little ole' me?" He asked as he put on some pants, and his shoes. Miss Anderson, she is the daughter of Councilman Anderson. I believe you met her at the funeral." Nathan answered, with his back turned his back to him to allow him to get dressed. "Oh, right. Brooklyn I think is her name. Did she say what she wanted?" Trevor then began searching around his room for the least smelling shirt.

"She said that she had some letters from your father addressed to you." Nathan answered. "Yeah, not interested. Lawrence nuked the bridge between us long ago when he told me to never come back. Why would I care about some letters he wrote for me?" Trevor stated. "But sir, they could be important documents. It would be rude not to look at them." Nathan replied as he turned back around. Trevor sighed, and rolled his eyes as he followed Nathan back down stairs, and to Brooklyn. As he got closer to her he finished putting on his favorite Nirvana t-shirt, accidentally giving her a glimpse at his chest.

"Hey." He simply greeted. He accepted the letters she had for him with a nod as he stuck them in his pocket. "Uh...thanks. I'll take a look at them later." He stated. " were friends with Jake? If you don't mind if I was he before know." He asked as he rubbed the back of his head. "I hadn't spoke to him, or anybody really for years....I've always been the black sheep of the family. Doubt anybody talk about me much. Lawrence and I never got along."

Trevor's eyes wondered around the manor, his home that he hasn't set foot in for years. " much went into this place? Such a waste. I'm content with a warm six pack, and a hot plate. I can think of a hundred better uses for all the resources that it took to make this place." He stated rather out of the blue. "Uh...sorry. It's just....I never wanted to come back to this place. All this money, and material crap has never been my style."