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Snippet #2657497

located in Pine Field, a part of Dark Stars, one of the many universes on RPG.

Pine Field



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Character Portrait: Trevor Field Character Portrait: Brooklyn Anderson
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Brooklyn Anderson


Brooklyn's stomach twisted slightly when Trevor asked about Jake, she shifted trying to get the uncomfortable feeling out of her system, she waited until Trevor stopped speaking before answering him. "Jake wasn't the person everyone here thought he was. Everyone thought he was perfect, everyone wanted to be Jake Field. Big house, rich family, got any girl he wanted."Brooklyn shook her head at the memory. "He seemed frightened...before the day they found him, but he always seemed frightened, always looking over his shoulder. He said something was coming for him. Never told me what. When they found him, my father told me to stay out of it." Brooklyn shrugged a little bit.

"They said it was an animal. They told everyone it was an animal." Brooklyn smiled kindly after a few moments. "Well, enough of the doom and gloom. Jake spoke fondly of you, said he missed you and wished you would come home. Told us never to tell you he said that."

Brooklyn glanced around the place again as Trevor spoke about it. "I've always liked the mansion. I mean it's always kinda freaked me out, but I think its beautiful in its own way."

Brooklyn stayed and talked with Trevor for a while, trying to make him smile and laugh, bring him a little bit of cheer and laughter. She figured it was the least she could do. When the sun started to set she stood up from where they were standing with a small smile. "I should probably get home. My mom worries. I'll see you around."

Brooklyn spent quite a lot of time with Trevor, now she could basically just walk into the mansion as if it were her own home. She knew Trevor was looking for answers about what happened to his father and his brother he told her that much, she thought she would help as much as she could. "Dad told me to bring these for you. Something to do with the town and money, I don't remember I got bored when he was explaining it." Brooklyn smiled placing a whole bunch of files on the table in front of Trevor. "He's out another council meeting. You know you are supposed to go to those right?" She said in a teasing tone trying to get him to smile.

She sat down on the sofa next to him with a bright smile and a little laugh gently bumping her shoulder into his. "We should go into town today, you never leave this place. It's not healthy. I promised to take Elijah to the park this afternoon. You should come, I'm sure a few of my other siblings will want to join us, they can be hard to look after alone, I could use the help." Brooklyn stood up holding her hand out to Trevor, she took his hand pulling him up from the couch. "You'll love Elijah. He's six and is a little sweet heart."

Brooklyn ended up taking the two youngest boys to the park, she stood by Trevor watching them chase each other around. Elijah came over grabbing on of Trevor's hands and one of Brooklyn's pulling them toward the park. "You have to play with us!" It was more of an order than an option which made Brooklyn laugh a little bit.

Halfway through a game of tag a strange group of about four men appeared from the tree line, they didn't exactly look friendly. Brooklyn took Elijah into her arms and pushed Nathaniel behind herself, keeping herself between the men and her younger brother. "You were right." One started to the other. "The other Field boy has found himself a pet." The man sneered, he looked to be about their age but seemed more dangerous, he seemed to have catlike movements which made Brooklyn's stomach churn. "Your brother tried to get her into his bed as well. The only girl he could never get." Another gestured at Brooklyn, her eyes narrowed slightly, she recognized that boy as another one of the councilman's sons, Jackson Brooklyn believed his name was. "You better watch your back Field. Your name isn't the only thing you're the last of and a storm is coming." He chuckled slightly. "The virgin and the outcast, what a story that would make." Brooklyn felt her cheeks heat up with embarrassment more than anger.

They disappeared as fast as they came and before Brooklyn could react Trevor had hold of her wrist and was walking the other direction. "Trevor, whats going on? Who were they? What were they talking about?" Brooklyn looked over her shoulder to make sure Nathaniel was following behind them, she pulled her arm from Trevor's grip forcing him to turn around, she searched his face for a few moments. She placed Elijah on the ground beside Nathaniel going up to Trevor, she gently brushed his hard from his face, it was the motherly nature in her, clearly something was wrong. "Whats going on?"